Monday, February 25, 2008

Enter The Canaan

Canaan's futsal team started with the pioneers who played football which are Daniel Mok, Derek Mok , Daric Ong, Wilson , Shan and Andy . A young Clifford Choo joined in when he was invited .During that time Wilson was the captain of the team. Clifford's younger brother had joined in for a few matches as a defender.

Due to weather conditions and a preparation for a inter-church competition they switched to a futsal court next to the Sri Petaling , Carrefour. They sticked with playing futsal. Future manager Ju Yuan was the one who wanted came out with the idea of dropping football and continue with futsal which was much better.Ju Yuan rounded up Benjamin Khor, Brandon Khor , Ju Liang and Ju Ping who started out as a Keeper .This was in 2004.The early players were Jeffrey, Joel,Zhi Yong,Clifford ,the Wong and Khor brothers ,Teacher Derek and Keeper Daniel Mok.

In 2005 the futsal fever ,brought in some new talents which are Roderick who was brought in by church member Yee Kit in which he immediately show his highly admirable skills,Weng Kit who by his second match earn his King of Easy Scorer alongside his easy scoring pier Jhow Weh '' Mo Lah'', Clement who started as silent defend and Blast King Austin who fitted instantly.During the year they participated in some very influential matches leaded by new captain Clifford Choo.

2006 was a great year for the team as they won many matches against other churches and competitions as well.Teacher Brandon ,Jason(brought in by Roderick),Jason Lim,and easy scorer Joshua Lim were the new players.The team participated in a very important tournament in Kuchai Lama which they got third place.

In 2007 the team was developed into one of the best teams for inter-churches with everyones talents including Jeffrey newly found easy scoring abilities, Clement 's abilities in goal keeping and many others who found their gifts.They had their final battle against Emmanuel Baptist in which they won.Though some players did not participate such as Clement which is because he hasnt started playing as goal keeper yet, Weng Kit, and Roderick because he wasn't a church member which was why he wasn't asked to play.

The Canaan is highly regarded as one of the best futsal team for their time and would be forever regarded as the best of the best with such great talents like Wong Brothers as strikers including Ju Yuans amazing abilities as one of the greatest Manager,Coach and player for the team, Choo brothers for their athletic abilities,,Kor brothers who sticked with the team importantly and many respected players For the greatest team and may God continue to guide their every step.



Sunday, February 24, 2008

Strikers The Big Boss 2

Easy Scorers:
The easiest and also the hardest position to play in futsal are these. Although this positions are very seldom used .It is also one of the most score winners as they are the ones who bring in the goals . They usually stand very close to the opponents goal. It is not a very easy job as it takes very crucial timing to get the ball in.You must stay alert for opportunities. It is not that easy taking these positions.

Sometimes when other strikers fail to get the ball in when the keeper block it away but did not catch it ,they will take advantage and bring it in . No keeper has ever been able to save this shots.Through my experiences this are the underdogs that you need to watch. East Scorers would usually head the ball in when ball is crossed towards them. Their chances are very high as their positioning are very close to the goal.

Sometimes very well experienced easy scorers will follow the strikers around and bring support and also take missing opportunities when the strikers fail their the heroes to score. They might even stand directly in front of the keeper to block his view that they might help powerhouse strikers score.

Canaan Baptist Church Easy Scorers:
Weng Kit:
This defender is also one of the most well known easy scorers.As he take opportunity whenever given. He uses his head and body to bring it in.He would stand ready whenever crossing and heading opportunity comes. he has scored many goals during his striking moments. He is best known as the King of Easy Scoring.

His the most well known easy scorer who seeks opportunities .Never failing his team Jeff has been known to score many great headers to get the win.He is great at looking for empty spaces and is always giving fears to opponent keepers whenever his close .His cooperation with fellow team mates had help him and many of his piers the goal.

This are the tough guys of futsal.They charge like a rocket when opportunities come.Their stamina are extremely high as their able to run with much speed but still maintain control of the ball.They are not able to be stopped when they are attacking.Runners will usually play with a slow speed charging and when they are in the right area they will charge coming through with the ball right towards the goal and attack the lower sides of the goal while keepers are not ready but in certain matches and players like Clifford Choo who would charge with all his energy and end with a tough blast which most keeper in heart will hide in fear of the rage.

Runners are extremely rare and hard to find.They will attack at any moment but can be stop by having more playyers back instead of having just one last man against them.Their very well known for their dribbling skills.They will usually take most control.Most runners must have alot of experience to know where to head and when. They need to know when to save energy and when to run with speed.

Canaan Baptist Church Runners:
Clifford Choo:
Captain of Canaan Baptist Church team has lead the team to many victories.He has used this ability to control defense and mid fielding then strike with all his energy to boost up and strike.He has scored numerous hal trick in matches against Emmanuel Baptist Church.This captain has never been stopped when in rage he uses his high stamina to conquer the futsal court while leading and supporting the offense and defense of the team.This young runner uses team work to gain control and very often strikes by himself at front .With support of piers Austin Hii and Roderick ,Clifford has never been stop with his two together then rampage he has scored many goals as Team Captain.

Uncle Andy :
Like I said most runners need alot of experience which this runner has alot .Because of his regular practice of football his stamina is extremely high .He keeps slow then strike without a sound attacking the whole team by himself .He has also been known to be a excelent dribbler
with skills that none can match through his experience. Has been a great mentor for Jeffrey this two are one of the greatest team work players .Uncle Andy has always been one of the toughest runner influencing many young runners.

Joel Lee:
Joel Lee is one of the strongest runners for the team as his able to run with top speed with good stamina .He is known also as the Train for sometime from his ability to bring the ball straight up with absolutely no disturbance. This keeper is never failing to help when the team needs a last minute rocket up.

Strikers The Big Boss 1

There are three types of strikers in futsal. Powerhouse , Show man, Easy scorers and Runners
Their easily noticed during games .Their main objective is to try their luck and use their shooting skill. Powerhouse are always good in blasting and crossing . Most of the time they will try the keepers when they are not paying attention.Powerhouse will show no mercy but they tend to get misses very often .But powerhouse are very useful as they are able to attack the top corners of the post which are most keepers vulnerable areas.

Powerhouse strikers are always on the strike and must always be prepared and be ready to take chances.

Canaan Baptist Church Powerhouse:
Benjamin Khor:
Benjamin has been playing a powerhouse striker for a long time. He has played for many of the Canaan Baptist Church matches against other teams .He has been known to often take chances which many times never fail. He is part of the Triangle of Ju Ping and Brandon which is very strong as they are great at teamwork .

Austin Hii:
This last mans job is not just staying back but bringing the ball in with his shots which are very crucial for the team as his blasting has never failed him to score a goal. In matches against other teams such as the 2007 match against Emmanuel Baptist Church he scored a goal right infront of his teams D box which earned him the name Blast King. The Blast Kings Powerhouse technique is certainly one of his trademark abillities.

Daniel Mok:
Other than being a pioneering keeper he is also great at blasting .As he is often discuss as a keeper with a tough shooting ability that has won him some goals. He is very well adapted with his unique run-shoot ability .

Show man :
Show mans are strikers who enjoy messing around fooling defenders and are the keepers worst fear their leg work are very fast and are always scoring in the opponents D box when his close or passing through the keeper who tries to defend.Show mans will always know where the ball is when they flick ,dribbles ,spin and chip the ball they always manage to maintain control and know the positioning of the ball.

Show mans would often show fascinating moves and leg work as they dribble .Given the ball they can bring the ball up by themselves and get up close to the goal and trick-shoot the keeper which never fails.Show mans can have their distinctive styles which some use as their advantage in in dribbling and going through opponents .Basically show mans are strikers who plays with the ball with leg works taunting an opponent by moving the ball with their legs or by chipping and flicking.Show mans need alot of stamina to do what their techniques need.

Canaan Baptist Church:
Ju Ping:
The most well known show man striker has always been able to bring his techniques to a new level. He has tricks and a style that could fool anyone in the team and most other players. He is known to keep the ball in his control with one of his leg to taunt and get through an opponent.He often uses his style to get close to the goal keeper and will trick or sometimes even go straight through the keeper with his amazing foot work he keeps the ball control easily .Ju Ping is also the strong triangle of Brandon and Benjamin and is a key midfielder and very important striker for the team.

Rodrick is one of the best show man as he uses his chipping and awesome ball control ability to get through everyone. He seems to be able to position where the ball will be whenever he flicks or chip the ball .His skill has been very well known as the ball he chips cant be reached or interfered His style is getting the ball in air which is one of his best techniques.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Keeper Gloves of Fury

Keepers are the heart of the team.Strikers always ask them for the ball.Always depend on them when something goes wrong.Always swift and given a small time of glory. A keeper must never keep his eyes of the ball. Anytime the ball might come to him. Their the decision makers. As a keeper you must be ready to look the ball right at your face . When given heavy blast air shots ,make sure all the corners of the goal post are within your security. Be ready when the ball is coming. During long shots always be thinking .Watching the ball as it comes try to catch it or at least push it away.When theres a striker or defend empty slap the ball to them if their close to you.
In one on one situation be calm and patient.The last thing you want is to turn your back and hope for the ball to hit you.You stay calm and wait .When the striker get closer lower your arms to your knees.It is known as the gorilla stance .In certain situation you may slide when the striker is about to shoot ,so that the ball may reflect on your knees or body .l

The keepers are the human shield so be prepared to jump out and get hit when strikers shoot at close range.always keep your hands up when doing that.In futsal you should be ready to block with your body. You need to predict the opponents shooting area to block it away.

Always make sure you now where the other players are so sudden attacks could be save.Most of the time one man show striker are gonna attack the lower side of the goal so be sure to keep your knees bend at all time.

Canaan Baptist Church Keepers:
Zhen Zhiang:
Former goal keeper who use to participate was one of the early regular keepers.He was known for his great ball throwing skills. But slowly turned into a striker.He is a strong keeper because he was a regular basketball player which is his advantage in throwing.

Daniel Mok:
The pioneer of Keeping is one of the greatest keeper. He has never failed his team.He is well known for his ability in predicting the shooting area and is always able to block the ball away.
He is also one of the main reasons of the great increase of keepers.He has been able to get high balls acceptionally well.Known to have influenced keeper Clement Choo who uses his techniques in saving.

Clement Choo:
Well known for his slide tackling ability Clement Choo is also one of the regular keepers.His ability to block the ball and handle one on one situations is very well known by others. He is usually known to slide tackle opponents without bringing down the opponent instead getting the ball directly.He is great at taking high balls by punching and slapping the ball up front. He wears a trademark long black pants and is the only keeper who uses gloves to his advantage.Also called Shevchenko.Clement is one of the most wanted goal keeper .He has been a very well known player of the team with his technique.

Joel Lee:
One of the most feared keepers Joel is known as the keeper who never fears the ball and is ever ready to catch it .His size is his greatest advantage.He is feared by many.Even Clement has thought of him as an influence and a rival who can easily beat him in taking penalties.His throwing is acceptional and has never failed to catch a ball whenever he wanted to.He could easily take hard shots.He has never feared a n opponent.

Last Man. The Way Of The Defender

A last mans job is simple. Stay back for all time. Always remember your job is to be the goalies savior.Personally as a Keeper myself I always think of the last man as a hero. Last man should always be ready to be shot at. Because whenever an opponent blast to the goal you should always be there to try to block it away ,regardless how painful it is.

But always make sure you don't block the keepers view.That is very important because the keeper needs to know where the ball is. Most keeper will see that the reason they fail was because they were blocked.

Most last man hates are:
When the striker goes through them.
Forced to make decisions when given the ball.
Sometimes when needed up front have to run back as fast as possible.

Last mans needed powers
Blasting strength to bring the ball up in desperate situation.
Tackling skills.
Suitable size though smaller sizes are still fine.
Jumping ability.
Must be able to stand blasting pain.

Last man on Canaan Baptist Church:
Yee San :
One of the notable defense.Smart in the ways of the futsal court. Acceptionally great blasting.Great tackling skills.Best known to provide useful advice and tactics.He is a genius in tactics and positioning.Yee San has never failed in defending his team with all he can do . He uses his tactics to seal defensive area and protect the goal.

Weng Kit:
Great jumping abillities.Known for perfect tackling.His best known for his high flying .Ever loyal to the team in defending.He has never fail. Sticking on rivals like glue to make sure that the area is secured .Weng Kit has never failed and has been credited as a great defender.

Brandon Khor:
Mighty heading abillities.Never fail to get high balls.Uses his superb stance to block balls from strikers right infront of him .Great at ball control and his trademark spinning which often brings him through coming strikers. The Header King is a great last man.

Austin Hii:
Known as the blast king.Austin is one of the strongest defenders. Famous for his high kicks the blast king never fails.Also well known for scoring goals from far away. Mostly next to the keeper when given the ball .From the D box he can score a goal far away hence his name given blast king

Futsal All you need is Futsal

All you need about futsal .I'm gonna write for all positions One by One .Read to get tips.