Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Who Am I?

I think its only about time for me to talk a bit about this family of mine. But I ain't just gonna talk about my family, I'm gonna talk about where they came
from. You see my family tree is really really confusing so I probably would forget about sooner or later. So I thought, why not detail it in my blog while I still remember.
Choo family.
The very complex Choo family originated from Fujian a province on the southeast coast of China. According to the ever reliable wikipedia, Hakka people from the province were usually from the southwestern area. So my ancestors would probably have came from Longyan city. Anyways according to my uncles and Dad my great-great-grandparents and his son my great grandfather came over to Kuala Lumper, Malaysia leaving some their family. Up until my Dad's generation most of the members in the Choo family followed the family tradition of working as funeral planners or ritual leaders. Basically their job was to ensure the dead were sent or accepted into hell as their job also included chants and other rituals in funerals. The reason they came over to Malaysia was never clearly explained but according to some of the elder members of the Choo family, they were hired to plan and perform the rites for Yap Ah Loy who died in 1885. If this was true that would be the year of their arrival. My great grandfather had two children one of them, my grandfather Choo Ah Yit.He married Chin Moon after several failed marriages. The first of his was an arranged one when he was a child which never came to be as she passed away at a very young age. Never the less she was still honored as part of the family. My grandad later met another girl who left him with their only daughter to Singapore. He followed the family tradition and lived in Chinatown. The place they lived on top of a shop in a house with two rooms and they didn't have much. The place is located near a car park in Chinatown leading to a food court which I can't specifically describe its whereabouts.My Dad recalled growing up having a night time supper of left over rice and for some reason serving it with water. He also enjoyed rice dumplings which his grandmother would bring over and hang on the door of his room. My dad claimed that he would eat for the three meals of a day in his room. As a teenager he spent most of his time helping out his dad with the family tradition. His dad was a very strict which I believe was due to their living conditions and the need of supporting his family of ten children which included eight boys and two girls. My dad was the eldest son and the second oldest in his family. An interesting fact of my family is that my grandmother was of Javanese ethnicity as one of her ancestors claimed he was one. So for now it makes me a Hakka Chinese Malaysian with a dash of Javanese. My grand father passed away in 1969 at the age of 40. This left my dad with the responsibility;ity of taking care of the family. My dad once told me to strengthen my relationship with my siblings as he told me that his relationship with his siblings wasn't as strong. In the Choo family we gather during weddings, funerals or other significant events. But life resumes as usual on other days. Two of my Dad's brothers have not been seen. One of them as a result of his strained relationship with his family. The other one, well his just missing for some reason leaving his children in the care of their mother.Two of my uncles took on the family tradition with one of them. One of them is still active with his profession. My Dad worked hard with his studies and job after his dad's death and succeeded but life with it's ups and downs so you can never tell. Another one of my uncle is working as a tourist guide in Thailand. My two aunties are now semi retired after years of working as noodle suppliers. The remaining two of my uncles live together as they both took on jobs. My mum claims that I could very well have a 100 relatives as many of my uncles had children and most of their children had children of their own. It's a very complex family.My Dad told me about his dad keeping in contact with some of the descendants of his family in China. But after a few years of no contact he hasn't heard from then.

Tan Family.
The Tan family lived closely with each other and through the years they had been together as the family grew. It all started when my grandfather young orphaned child from Hainan Island was separated from his brother his only known family to be brought to Malaysia as a peasant. He held different jobs which included selling ice-cream and working in a rubber estate. During the war he married my grandmother Foo Ying. She was born in 1928 and recalled running and hiding as a teenager when the siren would ring as the Japanese troops attacked. It is claimed that her father was an engineer and she lived in a rather privileged environment before the war began. Not long after their marriage she gave birth to a daughter. After a miscarriage and the death of their young son they moved to Kuala Lumpur shortly after the birth of another daughter. My grandmother worked as a servant in a British family. She had six children which included 5 daughters and a son. They lived in a nine leveled apartment building next to Victoria Institution which they claimed was a great school for the smartest (personally I think Victoria is crap after half a year of tolerating the school as I was made to study in there). According to my grandmother my grandpa volunteered to join the Communist group of the time but decided to abandon the decision. Years passed as their children had children of their own. It was in 1986 that my Dad after the success of his job working as a supplier of TVB videos that he met my mum in a nightclub or a bar. They got along well enough that they were engaged in 1987. After spending a few weeks in Hong Kong with my mum and her family they got married in the 31st of August. Four years later they had a child. Three years later they had a better one! And seven years later they had a pretty average one. So who am I ? I'm a Chinese Hakka Malaysian with a tiny tiny bit of Javanese as they claim and a twist of Hainanese.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

I Miss Camp

This is my new song. Its called Rain Fall On Me. The words may be very deep to understand. But you would have to be standing from my point of view to see it.. To make it easier for you...the shine from the sun would always be wanted. So in this song the shine would mean love while the rain would mean loneliness.......that's the key of the song. Shine means love ....Rain means loneliness or the power of singleness...the moral of the story is whatever troubles you feel seeing all them love birds around you...don't feel bad....there are many people going through this along with you....embrace the rain rather than running away from it....embrace loneliness as a gift rather than a curse....

I was once afraid when clouds were high
It glooms up and it takes my bright blue sky
I was always the one to run and hide
But now it seems my sun shines inside

Cause you've been holding me back and been putting me down
Been making me sick when you come around
But rain rain come and fall on me
Rain Rain Come And Fall On Me
Cos now you only wash away me tears
You cool me down and you freeze my fears
So Rain Rain Come and fall on me

Love means shine and rain keeps it unshown
But girls of shine leave rainy guys alone
And when the sun it never comes to shine
Those lonely hearts will have a rainy time
See I was always seeking for sun shine
I tried so hard but she wouldn't be mine
So though it rains but I'm still feeling fine

Days have pass since the sun shined on me
But hey life's good and its still to be
And for the ones who's feeling way too cold
I feel your pain but its time to let her go
Does that shine really mean so much for you?
Just live without her and stop being a fool
And let the rain rain let it fall on you

Forest Edge Camp 1st-5th of June
As part of my Year 9 New Horizon Program, some of the year 9 students including me myself went on a camp at Forest Edge down in Neerim. The camp was one of the best camp I have been to with excellent activities , lots of free time and great teachers and attendees. It was awesome!

Day 1
After waiting for months, the day finally came.Woke up at 7.30 in the morning and took a nice hot shower. Had some chocolate milk and watched the telly as my mum came out. It was the morning news show and it reported that one of the last survivors of the Titanic (big boat that went bye bye with that good movie based on it) passed away. It was really sad but my mind was too busy with thoughts and it was still blurry as I woke up not long ago. At 8.15 I decided to go and grabbed my stuff which included a trolley bag and a backpack. The trolley bag was used to keep my clothing and important stuff like me sleeping bag and toiletries while the back pack was used for chips,soft drinks and wants instead of needs. So I walked into my brothers room and smacked him and said goodbye and walked out with my mum watching by the door. Said a loud and cheerful "Bye Bye!" and walked down to my school which was a 5 minute walk downhill. Got to school and looked for familiar faces. Sat around some fellow campers waiting for some of my buddies. After 20 minutes I saw Philong and Thong two of my Vietnamese soccer mates and waited for Anthony together while chatting around. Everyone were in great spirits and not long later Anthony came with his mum. I greeted the both of them and after his mum went off , I immediately took my Serious Man look off and started mucking around. At around 9.00 the teachers grouped us and marked the attendance. It was sad as one of the boys who dint hand in the permission slip was asked to go home. We got one the bus and started the journey. Sat next to Anthony on the window seat. And hour and ten minutes passed as I stared out of the window falling asleep and waking up. Not long later we were out of Melbourne and entered Neerim. It was a mountainous area with lots of trees and farm animals with stacks of hay. When we got there we unloaded the bus and got into a function room. The first thing me and the soccer mates notice was the huge soccer field. Had a briefing. We were then assigned our rooms. My room was cabin 24 which was interconnected with 23 by the toilet which both cabins must share. My room mates were Dian,Philong , Anthony in cabin 24 while Kingo, Yukitzuru (both japanese students) , Boscow and Thong in the other. We got on well instantly joking around with Japanese words. We had a short time to get use to the rooms but me ,Anthony and Philong spent it playing soccer in the magnificent football pitch. It had a perfect 8 feet tall goalpost and the pitch was great with awesome fresh air around us and England like weather. So I called the pitch Old Trafford. We were separated into our day group activities and my groups first activity was mini golf and trampoline. Me, Ucien and Juan Carlos played against each other. After playing 12-13 holes the teachers told us it was time for trampoline activity. We couldn't be bothered but went along to watch them play on the tramps. It wasn't really interesting so the teachers offered us to grab the golf sticks to continue our tournament. In the end I won narrowly, and we were told to get up to the meeting deck for afternoon tea. I decided to change into my shorts and asked Anthony to come along for a jog around the soccer pitch. In the end I did 9 laps around the huge full size soccer pitch gasping for fresh air when I stopped. Then we took some free kicks which had excellent result with the awesome non-bumpy pitch. The Siren went signalling us to go up the deck for activity two. My group had indoor hockey. It was brilliant and I was sweating and all wet. After hockey we had the BIG FREE TIME from 4-15 till 5.30. We spent it wisely on soccer :). Had dinner and on that night pasta was served. It wasn't the most Italiano Mambo Amore pasta I had but it was ok. Mums spaghetti is the BEST!!So no pasta can beat my mum's . Cos hers is the best. After diner we were told to form our night time activity group. In it my group had Stephen, Cameron (John ), Anton, Phil, Thong, Andrew , Uchien, Juan, and Mick. For our first activity group 4,5,6 were seperated into two to play Catch-The-Flag. It was awesome we played it in complete darkness on Forest Edge's foggy night time. It was so dark and we played it like we were in the army. I was constantly shouting. Our tactic was for the girls to stay at the hidden base down at the volleyball area which was so far and hidden while boys attack together and gang on isolated opponents. After crawling for a while staying hidden I decided to change plans and ordered my mates to attack together instead of sneaking. So we shouted like hooligans attacking the helpless girls cornering them. It was like three against one. Each on one side. It was awesome. We even managed to gang on bigger guys who were huge but easy prey when left alone. My favorite was teaming up in gangs of five on the smaller opponents mainly girls. It was really fun and we were leading by 20 points. In the end we won. Despite no teams finding the flag. We just snatched them from opponents we attacked and won. We had a second round which was even better when all of the lights were closed and we some girls form our side decided to join in on the attacking spree. I remembered shouting at alone targets who would usually run in fear. But there were also some tough ones who may choose to run or fight back. Usually for those we we would corner down or outrun them. So we won! Oh and Philong accidentally attacked our own girls (or was it on purpose? ;).Had a light supper which consisted a cup of coco and cake. Went back and had a shower. Many of us didn't sleep early . MOst of us just kept chatting. But as the night got old we knew that we had to sleep. But none of us managed to get goood sleep cos Philong was snoring very very loudly. I was waken up twice. Once at 3.30 and 5.15 not long later.
Day 2
A teacher came in and woke us up at 6.30 in the morning. Placed my jumper on and walked to the deck. We had to jog up the hill. I finished 5th out of 30 students. at 3 minutes and 25 seconds. Not bad considering the incline. After that we had some free time before breakfast. So Philong and I played some street soccer on the deck of our cabin. Anthony came out and I decided to go for my jog and did six laps. Breakfast was served and I had two pieces of toast served with butter. Philong got me a cup of coffee from a Nescafe machine. So then we wen't back for a short free time before our first activity. As usual soccer was first choice at the field we consider the equivalent to Old Trafford. The first activity of the day was high ropes. It was one of the most challenging activity. We grouped under the high ropes course. It was roughly 6 storeys up at the peak. I did the hanging tyres. When I got up there. It was probably two storeys up in the air. Looking down was really scary and the tyres were swinging in each step I took with the empty middle part the tyre showing the people looking up from below. I got down save. So then we had morning tea which was just some cordial drink and I had some oranges. Then we did archery which was fun. For lunch we had some pasta with ham and sauce. Didn't had much during the camp which was possibly why everyone thought I lost weight coming back from camp. So after lunch we had the usual break and after that we went hut building as our third activity of the day. We were told the build huts that would shelter our group. So me, Juan Carlos and Uchian worked together to build the hut. We leaned fallen braches on trees to form the hut and used leaves and dried plants to make the roofs. It was perfect and our team got a 7/10 which was good. Afternoon tea came after that. We went down the field to play and this time I worked on my free kicks improving my swerves. Our last day time activity was camp cooking. While the ladies made the bread to cook. Us guys build the fire. Credits on making the fire with our first match stick to Brad and James. But the dough for the bread was not good enough so in the end we had fire but no bread. Mr Pierson told us the story of Jasen Morgeroit a man who died around the place after years of unreasonable bad experiences caused by society. We then had the long free time.AFter the free time we had dinner. That night we had the best meal of the camp. We were served fish und chipse. It was vier gut. I had it along with Tartar sauce. After dinner we were sen't to our rooms to get ready. Our night group was going for a bush walk. We started the bush walk at night and were told not to switch our torches on as the purpose of the walk is to help us get use to walking in the dark in a way developing skills. The walk was hard. It was slippery. Lauren fell down and I managed to help her get up and nearly fell myself. Mick and Philong was in front of me. All I did was grabbed Mick's jumper because it was really dark. The bush walk stopped when we reached Morgeroit's Hut. It was build for Jasen Morgeroit whom after years of hardship was finally realesed from Beachworth Asylum.He decided to go back to Forest Edge to spend the rest of his life as his family abandoned him. In the end Jasen was believed to have died from a heart attack alone in the hut. Legend has it that some of the staff would see him outside their windows....Scary....SO at the hut many people were scared. Mick was so scared that I had to calm him down. I offered him to stand near the crowd while I stood outside of it. He was trembling. So I said that there was nothing and only his imagination was causing the fear. Kingo said he saw a ghost after he switched his torch on. He reckons it was sitting behind the hut. Mr Graham tried to calm us down by saying " This is the forest of Australia....The only thing that could harm you here is your imagination" Strong words indeed. Many people were scared as Mr Graham told us the story of Jasen Morgeroit and described him as a normal person just like you and me. This made things easier for many people. After coming back we enjoyed some nice Cocoa and went to bed. That night I slept like a baby after taking a Panamax and some Flu tablets. Zzzzzzz
Day 3
We got up 6.45 and I did the run at 3 minute and 10 seconds. A new record! for me. Wen't back and did my jog of six laps. Had breakfast. That morning I made the worst cup of tea ever. NEVER ADD CREAM TO LEMON TEA OR BETTER YET NEVER DRINK LEMON TEA UNLESS ITS COLD FROM A NESTLE BOTTLE. So my groups first morning activity was Doomball.It was fun despite my team losing it was an awesome activity. So then we had morning tea and some free time. We spent it playing hackey sack with Mr Graham. It was really fun and the person who said "sorry" had the sack thrown at him. This led to a new game in which a person who said "mine" had to do ten push ups. After that we had rock wall.I managed to finish the first wall. Climbed up to the top and touch the pole. But the second one was way too hard. Lunch came and that afternoon at 12.15 we had Hotdogs. I added some barbeque sauce on mine. Had it with egg and pasta salad too. Then us boys started the first of many Ping Pong doubles. Thong was with me against Anton and Philong. Our third activity was the Initiatives. We did a range of activity which circled around team work including the blind folded walk. Continued on table tennis during the afternoon tea. Then my group had meditation. It was really funny. All we did was slept on the floor listening to some guy telling us to imagine stuff like flying to an enchanted land where you can eat fruits from trees grown by black and white marbles and the rest of it was listening to rain and church bells. All of us fell asleep. When we woke up it was free time. I continued on our Table tennis game with Juan Carlos on my side. We had dinner and for that night we were served rice with cream chicken. Thje chicken was awesome but the rice....the rice was unique. After dinner we were told to form groups with girls and in the end I ended up with Andrew and a girl named Monica with her friends. It was a trivia game and my team did ok. Wen't to sleep after supper.
Day 4

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Friday, May 8, 2009

Rise and Fall Of The Blogs.

A Long time go a man with his stories lead to the inspiration of his peers and his student.Before too long his stories were hailed to its best glory. People stood and stare everywhere as the stories told grew old. His student caught on to his teachings and created his story to tell. Candle and A Lighter was his first and little did it do well. Perhaps a story of a game that never ends. His stories read but his presence too far to understand. People everywhere gathered round with daily tales to spread around. One by one they share their lives with pride. Happiness,sadness, and parts of their live.With their stories they share with care. A great man stood with challenges to him, years his troubles to stay within. A joyful boy fueled by sorrow turned his stories away. Never to return a single word to the people who wishes a word from him to say. And in the end the creator stands alone to himself. The student to far to be heard by anyone else. The great man rejoices with the holy ghost. The boy who left a legacy for the people he was once able to see. People too busy to share....their stories ending nowhere.

I use to wake up see what people have to say.
If you hear me....

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Young Boy's Love Song

Young Boy's Love Song
One of these days you will see
The love that you had for him was never meant to be
Don't fall on back to fantasy
Come back to me in reality

I never ever let you down sitting on your own
I never ever put you away to cry all alone
I always stood by your side
In times of sadness, a place to hide

Whatever happened to the times we shared
The times when our eyes met
All the times that you stood beside me
Our love shown silently
I allowed him to hold you close
Cause for you he meant the most

Riches may he show,
Beauties all he knows

One of these days you will see
The love that you had for him was never meant to be
Don't fall on back to fantasy
Come back to me in reality

His been playing you like his fool, his charms all a lie
While you've been crying everyday and night waiting for his reply
All the tears that you cried for him
Forgetting your past in a life of sin

Give him all your best as you can as though he understands

With all his love for somebody else and to you he pretends
That love was all the pleasure that you bring
Just because he promised you a ring.

Riches may he show
Beauties all he knows

One of these days you will see
The love that you had for him was never meant to be
Don't fall on back to fantasy
Come back to me in reality

A day will come when you realize that love was more to see
And you'll unchain the bird of your life, and that young girl shall be free
And that young girl shall be free
And that young girl shall be free

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Football = ?

While having a kick with my bro earlier today at the field near my place, I jokingly asked him if I can try out as a striker since I managed to dribble through him. To which do you have the speed? or stamina? Without hesitation I replied "is another word for striker.... speed?"
Is another word for goalkeeper...height?
Is another word for winger or midfielder....stamina and vision?

The answer my friend is NO...

Months ago my friend Brandon posted in his blog the glorious nation of France in football. It got me thinking as my favorite goalkeeper is Fabien Barthez. I started looking through a number of french goalies such as Gregory Coupet and Jeremie Janot and realized that many shared the same characteristics as I did.

ONE -They enjoy playing eccentrically or uniquely.....such as playing in a fun spirit and basically trying new tricks and saving moves during the games.
TWO- They are keen and well adapted in one on one saves.(maybe they use to play futsal too :))
THREE-They were short !!!!


I'm happy to say that most french goalkeepers were considered below average height of goalkeepers compared to the likes of Van Der Sar and Cech..

What I'm trying to say is that in football, you can never let anyone or anything limit your expectations and game play.
- Just because your short and not as fast as many other strikers doesn't mean you can't be good in dribbling , playing in the offensive zone or great in finishing.
-Just because you don't have a strong stamina doesn't mean you can't play the ronaldinho or cristiano beautifully ,,,,play football the fun way with tricks and put in joy to it.
-Just because you are not in your ideal shape or size....doesn't mean you can't kick ass in the field

Friends football is more than just what they expect from you. I had played with many of my friends in Canaan that played with so much heart and joy that you can see nothing limits them in their play. I have many to name but here are some very influential players. I won't be pointing out names yet but I know some with physical limits BUT their spiritual and football touch overpowers it. They use replacements for whatever they have. If my friend was strong and tall he used his advantage in bringing the ball up and pushing up offensively. If he was not as tall, he used a mixture of tricks and skills and his center of gravity to control the ball nicely and own you with his footwork.

My point is football has no limits. Play with heart and most importantly play with happiness and joy. CELEBRATE when you score with your friends. Enjoy your glory and success. Point up to the air and honor God and people you are grateful for. Theres no posers in football , no lame wannabe trying to act cool, there is nothing wrong with celebrating....Play with God on your side!....Hey theres nothing wrong with having the greatest player to be on your side...

Football = Heart , Joy ,Confidence , with God.

Joga Bonito ...Play Beautifully

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

High On No Drugs.

Well a strange feeling came to me today. I had this feeling in my mind a long time ago. The last time this strange trippy.....high .....druggy feeling came to me was when I was ten years old. Five years ago. I can barely pay attention or focus on anything. My mindh is just movin in an out an in...I can barely control where I want to look out...things are going blur....and jus like the last time....whenever the feeling comes I get so happy and sick the same i feel good but also feel like throwing up...And whenever I hear music im familiar to...I hear new stuff.....kinda like trippy weirdish sound...sounds tat sem new but also seem familiar....i reckon im goin crazy...maybe I should get some sleep...but this feeling is so nice.....for once im not worried about anything life may bring or what I wish to do.....when i should finish my song....when i should go and have a high on my prescription medicine ....jus a plain high.....trippy gets trippier when i close my eyes..maybe im jus tired...

Anyways i'm posting this time to introduce you to the new era of this blog....its story time and hope u emjoy it....i'll be posting some stories soon...this are love stories base on people i know and people I have this are real love stories....hope you enjoy the new era

Sunday, March 22, 2009

This is a new song I wrote called How Does She Know. The song came to me last year but I decided to write and record it today. Hope you like it. I really do hope you will subscribe to my videos and continue listening to my songs. I really appreaciate all comments that I get. The important thing is that you guys enjoyed it.

How Does She Know (Original Song)
How does she know
That you deeply love her
How would she find out that
I wish we were together

How does she know?
How does she know?
That I deeply wish to show I love her

And in the streets,I could hear them sing
The joy of love it seems to bring
As I sat there watching all alone
Hoping someday you'll be my very own

I wish you knew
That I deeply love you
But I can't seem to find my way too
Tell you that my heart was true

They say I love you cause your beautiful
I know your beautiful cos I love you

Boys and girls all gather around
They see each other and so love is found
But still I haven't got a single clue
To find my way to open up with you

The sun is shinning and our days are warm
But still the ice between us stands so strong
I know my hands are reaching on to you
Cause its your eyes thats pulling me through

I see you everyday but do you see me?
Cos just a glimpse from you would set me free
They say I probably should just be myself
But deep inside I'm still somebody else

How Does She Know?
"To be Nervous...Is to be human" Mr Hargreaves.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

I'm A Dead Man

This is another pointless and lead-to-nowhere post. This is a secret about me that I'm confessing now to come clean. Since roughly around November of 2008 or so. My relationship with my family took a downturn. I started talking back in cheeky and sarcastic ways. It seems like all these years of watching John Lennon's cynical and witty rebellious attitude, I'm starting to rebel and question the authority that has always been right. I now rebel and fight back at whatever that displeases me. In a way, I am becoming a outcast or as my Dad would say "Invisible Boy". I don't blame any of them.I now confess and admit, that I have broken or totally pushed away the biggest commandment. *Obey your parents*. I think all this disagreement started a few months ago.I was happy when I first came to Australia. Matter of fact I was happy until roughly around mid August.

At that point, I was grateful that I looked up and said " Thank you lord" "What could be better than this life I have now". During that time, I was studying in my old school. Macleod College. I was happy and cheerful. Then my parents came up wity an idea of moving to a place that was very far away from my old school which led to me being force to change to a new school which I'm not too happy about. And that was when I first started turning against. I behaved terribly. I am very sorry for doing it and have and am now coming clean.

The reason this title is called I'm A Dead Man is not because I'm embracing death as something cool or hip or whatever the young lads would have it. A few days ago, we were chatting peacefully after dinner at a restaurant. I was holding back on my hate-boy attitude and did not make any bad comments. So one of them were talking about when I was younger.We remembered my old look which included a nicely combed hairstyle.I acknowledged and laughed but I remember my Dad said "You were so different back then". I admit it was true and started thinking. All those things I did in the past. I realized that my person totally changed the second I stepped on the escalator in KLIA with Weng Kit, Daniel and my family fare welling us.

I now feel that at that point. The young simple look. Easy going. Kind. Family and friend loving person just died. Yes...I really feel that way. Looking at my old videos in 2007 . Vbs and all tat. I now feel like I'm watching a person who had died. My memories may last for me but not for everyone of my friends. I died in my world and seemingly fade away slowly in their world. Yes I do have friends that do stay the same. But this few weeks got me thinking if I killed myself by leaving. Did Clement Choo as my friends once remembered died the minute he walked away.No one is to blame but me. I feel like a murderer who killed the young playful person. I killed my friendly attitude,killed my love for friends,family and my love. Perhaps I'm to blame if the people I use to be with changed. Perhaps if the old Clement was there, things may be different.

But things are going to change from now. I'm getting back to the start. If this means mending things up with my parents, fixing up the holes I left, or even changing my atitude and behavior.

I shall do it. I can do it. I will do it.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Of hard work with Twinkle Twinkle Eyes

Things are getting so busy in my life now. I recently joined the Under-18s side of Boronia Soccer Club with my brother. And because of the high level of fitness they demand , I've been jogging 6 laps a day across my school football field. So my daily routine is wake up go to school and meet some chicks and dudes then go home have some homework and at 5:30....I'll walk down to the school field and jog six laps around it.After that I'll walk back and watch some Simpsons.During my free times I either write some songs or surf the net. But if you notice ....most of this stressful stuff are not brought on by people or things but brought on by myself. I chose to join a soccer club which led to my everyday jogging and I love writing so I won't stop. Anyways the moral of the lesson is we make many decisions that we may think twice later about but nobody gets you through this things but God. He pulls you through them all. I now feel that things that happen....happened for a reason...If I didn't change school...I wouldn't get to play for a club near the new place I live in and wouldn't meet all this good friends...So when I think about I know that it is Jesus that makes things go round for me....:)

In my next posts, I'll take this blog to a further region by posting some stories inspired by the great Siew Lin and Mokkies...

This is my new song. Its called twinkle twinkle eyes. Hope you like it. This song is about a boys plea for his girl to stop crying. I came up with the tune a few years ago but only recently decided to finish the song. Please subscribe to my videos and enjoy. Feel free to give me any comments.

Twinkle Twinkle Eyes (My Song).
Oh baby please don't cry
Wipe the tears away from your eyes
Cause I Love only you
And forever will

Im sorry for my wandering eyes
Im sory if I failed to reply
I promise never to see her again
And forever stay the same

When you smile at me with those twinkle twinkle eyes
Theres not a tear that I despise
And now I sing this song that I dedicate to you
So you believe my love is true

Now I Say Oh Baby I Love You
And I'll Say Oh Baby I Love You

So darling darling dry your eye
Your lovers here, so no more cry
Just when things they seem to get harder
It only gets easier

When you smile at me with those twinkle twinkle eyes
I start to cry for all my lies
And now I sing this song in a gentle gentle way
So it brighten up your day

And I say Oh Baby I Love You!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Things that make me smile and cry at the same time....

This is probably going to be another one of those long posts. The reasons post like this are written is because they hold very little meaning to what people might care but post like this are written for myself. Theres to many to talk about in my life. Just thinking of the past two years would be enough to write a 2000 page biography. But out of all my friends and lovers no one else compares to God who stood by me. Then again when I think about it, it was also my friends who stood by me every time I needed help. Friends that left me and friends that I left. They all remain the same to me.
I think I have told most of you about my friends in posts like 6 Months To Australia. But you haven't met my new friends here and also my old friends who have progressed so much after 2007 or 2008. I'll just give you readers some update. I met a number of friends in my school last year.Macleod College. It was one of the best school I ever studied in my life.And I met a group of eople that left me fond memories. I'll just talk about friends I left now.Recently I realize some friends have changed in the inside but a few remained the same just as I left them. The thing I regret is leaving all my friends. If I didn't leave them everything would be very different. But at the same time I'm glad I left Malaysia. I have changed so much since leaving thanks to my experience. My friends have now got on to very different lives. But one will forever stay the same and in my memories he is still the same person the first day I really made friends with him.

An Old Friend
I knew this friend for a very long time. 10 years ago when which was the longest memory I have of Canaan. I was in Canaan since I was two or three but can't remember any memories that long ago. But I knew him 10 years ago.I use to recognize him as the second son from that nice family with the friendly uncle and my beginner class teacher. I seem to remember my friend at the time because he was taller than his older brother. But the three of the siblings behaved the same way. Well mannered and respectful. Years later my friend grew up to be a teenager while I was ten or eleven. In hosanna kids he came and sang a song called "I Believe In Heaven". I thought his voice was brilliant and until now I try to mimic the same singing style he used in my songs. Then by the end of the year, he helped out in VBS as a bassist. At the time I newly picked up the instrument. There was a envious of his ability and at the same time impressed. I said "WOW...perhaps one day I'll jam with him and served as a musician with him". At the end of that year during Christmas I joined the YTU Christmas Carol Group. He sang a part of the song "And the Gift Goes On" which I thought was great. Sadly a few weeks before the program was to go on he fell ill. It came as a surprise to me.At first I thought he was off in a holiday to Taiwan with his family but he fell ill. The impact on me was not that much as it hit me two years later. In 2006 he began his battle. He fought the illness with faith in God and he wrote a special blog about his journey. That blog inspired me to start this one. At the end of 2006, I was glad to see he was back. But saddened to see him. I couldn't recognize him at first. He was pale and thin but had the same smile. I didn't dare to approach him because I was worried for some reason that I might disturb his illness.At the time I did not want to disturb him. It was strange because after reading his blog for so long.I knew him from a distance but hardly knew him at all. The first time we interacted was during 2007 March Gospel Camp. He shared the same apartment with me. I mad emy best effort to make friends with him and learned that he is now a brilliant electric guitarist. At YTU sometimes we chat. But the conversation were just brief ones. At the end of the year, one day I volunteered to be the Acoustic and Rhythm Guitarist for VBS. I was so happy. I waited for two years to serve with him. We jammed at the first session. I showed him the chords I wrote down on the song. I was glad that he liked the chords and work I done. We worked together very well. I supported him in play. He would take the cool solos and riff while I cruise around with my strums and small riffs. Another memorable moment was when I wen't to a jam session at his place. My brother was the one who played while I watched. My brother asked me to take over him in playing and one of them asked me to show what I can play. I played a riff from The Beatles "I Feel Fine".Uncle Richard recognized to riff and asked me to show him. Later that day we jammed together. We played old songs like House of the Rising Sun, Ticket To Ride, Have you ever seen the rain, and Let It Be. I was very happy. VBS came and we did our best. I remember one night Daniel called me and asked me to come with him to my friends place to practice a scene. I remember dancing around in thatroom to "Ya Pun WA Wa" by Sam Hui with Daniel. My brother and Weng Kit was there and they were having fun and laughing. At the end he let us play with his new Nintendo Wii. We played Naruto and I had trouble playing but he was very skilled. VBS ended and nothing much happened but one day he came and played futsal with us. I was so happy because I thought he was now healthy as ever and nothing would change now. After that session Joel and him invited me for another jam session. This time we jammed a number of Bon Jovi songs. He sat next to me playing bass.In the end his younger brother invited me to have some noodle in a restaurant in Serdang. But I couldn't go with them because my aunt was expecting me back at home. That was the last time I saw my friend in person. That very jam session. I guess music had a lot to do with our friendship. A day or two later he discovered that his illness was back. Then I wen't to Australia and had very very shot conversation with him in te net and using his blogs chatbox.I think it was mostly because of his tough therapies. I'm very impress with him and his family with the way they cope with the challenges that some their way. There was one time, when his younger brother switched on his webcam and I saw him sitting next to his brother. I said hi. I was so glad to see him. He looked very different. But his laugh was the same. By August someone told me that there was a chance all that he would be fully cured. I thanked God when they found it. e was cured for a while and even left the hospital expecting to get home soon. But for some reason he fell back ill again. By August the worst had happened he fell into a coma. I received new that he was gone a few hours later. But strangely someone said that he was still fighting. On August 20 he wen't back home to the Lord. I remember that morning. In the train, strangely no one told me he was gone. I just kept telling myself to prepare for the worse hoping that the opposite will happen and he will be up and healthy again. But when I wen't home my mum came to me. In my mind I thought " Don't say it.....I know he is gone" and when she told me, I just nodded and said "Yea...i knew". My whole body went into a stand still. For a month my mind and body just wen't into a uneven mode. i didn't do the usual things I did. I didn't sing or write. All I thought was how things are and what things will be. I planned so much for the future for me,my friends and him. But it was really Gods plan all along. Thinking about him would make me cry and also smile. I hoping to see him soon. The older I get, the better it is I now say. For the time will come when we will meet again.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

This Summer Gong Xi Fa Chai!

Well Chinese New Year is finally here. Let the music start playing and let the food keep coming.I'm wishing all of you a happy Chinese New Year.Gong Xi Fa Cai. It's summer here and its getting really hot. Yesterday was 37 degrees Celsius. Thats very hot. So here is my summer song. Hope you like it ...Still got a week holiday....Enjoy it while it last...Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!

I could see you looking at me
With your eyes,blue as can be
And I hope I'll never be free
Since your smile captured me
It held me close in your arms so tightly

But all I do is wait too patiently
For only time will tell if you love me

Summer came with love so true
Summers fine when your mine
Trees a green and sky so clear
Only when you are here

But though your voice I always seem to hear
Your face I see although your never near

Shes In love with another guy
I bet his nice, I sure am shy
And so you see why I never try

By summers end, I still stand alone
The only love for me,comes from home.

With Joy and Prosperity

Choo Kok Min

Friday, January 9, 2009

Put Your Records On

Got a new hair cut. I miss my old hairstyle. But a new year means new hair cut. Last year I only cut my hair twice. Two times a year amazing. Chinese New Year is coming so lets get the Chinese New Year mood going. Since I was young I preferred CNY from anything else though Christmas and Easter is indeed important. But CNY is when you really celebrate and all the fun comes. Just hope that the CNY mood will come over here in Australia. Can't believe CNY is here again!!!In Malaysia we use to play cards without gambling and play mah jong with weng kit and my bro and sometimes cousin. I'm serious we actually play it. And I remember drinking alot of soft drinks. Cos the stores would sell alot with low prices my Dad would buy a lot last time and we just kept drinking and drinking some more.It was great celebrating with your family. And I would get my yearly allowance from CNY. Cos I don't usually get monthly or weekly allowance I mostly depend of CNY to get some money to use for the year like pay for futsal games and all that stuff. So hope you all would have a fun and happy Chinese New Year.

With Joy and Happiness


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas Presents!!

This are the presents and stuff I got this year
F-50 Dynamic Cut Training Gloves used by Edwin Van Der Sar and Jens Lehman for
My Glitter Lamp!! Looks awesome in the dark!!

This is my favourtie lamp but it didn't come with Yellow..

Did you notice my new 2009 calender. Pictures of puppies..

My new Mickey Mouse Cup bought from Hong Kong Disneyland 2006! Finally I can get a bigger cup of tea in the morning!

F-50 Dynamic Cut Training Gloves used by Edwin Van Der Sar and Jens Lehman for

My mum also gave me this set of Lynx. The first one is a bodyspray and the other ones a bottle of Lynx (special occasion) next to it is my aunts present which is a box of Cadbury mix chocolates!

My cousin gave me two candy canes and a boost chocolate bar.

My mum and Dad got me,my bro and sis a nintendo wii!!!Awesome Christmas present!

So this are my Christmas Presents....I wish to thank God for all the great blessings he gave and as you can see he gave me some great presents too...

Friday, January 2, 2009

2008 Photos The Year That Was...

Hey...So this are the photos of 2008 and some 2007. Anyways this photos reflect all the great blessings God gave me with all of you. My favorite picture would be the pictures I have with all of you. To be honest I feel the pictures of me alone looks boring and with all of you looks better. There is actually a happy mood in the group photos.

This song of mine came to me one day when I start to think why people change when their in love. Why are they not able to leave the person and why is she so important for that person. So I managed to write this one to advice people to choose the right person and don't ever leave your family or friends for a new love. Stay the same and be yourself. Hope you enjoy it.

With Hope and Trust in Jesus

Clement Choo