Friday, October 24, 2008

Eating Of McDonalds.

Had an idea to eat the perfect mcdonalds in the perfect way.Well lets start with the basics of eating Mcdonalds in the best way. The easiest way to try McDonalds is by going for the fries. I'm sure everytime you receive your meal you would reach for the fries first. Most of the time I feel that a meal with just a burger is not satisfying. It has to come with the fries. So while eating the fries the best thing to do is not to eat it fast. I think eating it slowly enjoying it piece by piece would be just right. I think the yellow M on the Mcdonalds definitely represents the fries. I can have the fries without the burger but i cant have the burger without the great fries.So eat it piece by piece enjoying it as eating fast would only bring regret in the end .I strongly advice people not to add ketchup or chilli as it would greatly damage the awesome tas
A Double Quarter Pounder is two quater pounder together.This is my favourite food from Mcdonalds. The eating of this burger is like a relationship. I cherish every part of it. I mean on first bite you fall in love for it. You guys should really come here just to try this. It is twice the meat and twice the cheese. On first bite I knew this was it. This is my true food for the rest of my life. Anyways when eating a DQP my advice is to remove the pickles inside the burger. But there was once when I eat it and strangely it tasted very good. It actually brings a tang of sourness into it.But for beginners I advice you to remove it. Another way of eating it is to try at least once just the beef patty. There was once I removed the buns and just ate the meat patty and it was so good. There was a nice smell from the beef and the cheese just provided super extra taste while the meat provided the flavour itself.

Finally I think McDonalds should best go with a large coke. Not only does it fills your thirst but is also provides relieve from the saltiness that you get from the fries. So coke is definitely important in eating a McDonalds. Did you know McDonalds use to serve milk shakes. Imagine a thick drink. I tried a milk shake before and it doesnt go well with McDonalds.It just not like a refreshing coke.

Friday, October 17, 2008

J'attendrai (I will wait)

Too busy for many stuff now...Lately just lost the touch to post about futsal and other stuff. However I have been posting on another blog of mine. Random action stories. Those ideas just come in for my other blog. I post like three to four posts everyday!!! But right here I got nothing to post. My other blog is way better than this blog, though I created the other blog first.

Anyways I was gonna post on something special today.....J'attendrai means I will wait in french.....The reason I choose that is because recently I realize that things are worth waiting....I've got this little cousin who is running around now as I post...His small and so cute...He just learned to walk...When I saw him at the start of the year, all he knew was how to crawl and roll around. But now his walking around and sometimes falling. When he walks it seems like his having fun...Anyways I'm glad I was able to see him crawl and now walking around!!It was worth waiting...Maybe soon he would start to talk.......J'attendrai!!

Another thing is about love for me now......Wah love is everything everyone is on about....Like my brother you see him with a positive aspect of everything which is goood man....I never had a serious relationship before......maybe last time once in a while I would play some a bit.....go after one or two...see abit talk abit..But that was last year...Ever since I came here...I just lost the feeling....Too busy with my study....futsal.....and family stuff. So this tings I think would come......Hey I dont mine being single!!!I've seen people living life single and I've got no problem with that.. People who live for God are those that are really appreaciating life..Singles really do inspire me...The way joy of the Lord satisfy them by giving them strength and happiness...God makes everyone different....and I think God made some people single for some reason.....Plus heres a tip for those guys and girls......God maybe waiting for your time to be right....So J'attendrai!!! Be patient...

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Every time I close my eyes I seem to get flash backs of times not so long ago. I would usually see me sitting in Timothy's house on my last day in Malaysia, sitting on a stool jamming with the guys, standing next to my bro, Ju Liang and in front of Joel while serving in VBS. Having fun in Sunway Lagoon. Mafia during youth camp. Cendol before or after futsal. Thinking about times like that makes me smile.

The thing I hate about myself is that I don't appreciate things when I'm enjoying it. Everyday in school during recess and lunch I would go to the basketball court to play street soccer!! I think most probably next year when the Year 12 students like Maw and Karma are gone as they go to university I would miss playing soccer with them. They are good at skills and awesome in their own style. So I guess I should appreciate things before its too late.

Lesson of the day appreciate people before their gone, happy events while your going through and most importantly your many blessings in all times........

Futsal here is awesome man. I think God gave me a lot of blessings in my life during this 14 years. I go to school everyday. School starts with 2 45 minute periods then recess then another two period then lunch then another two till school ends. It's awesome cause during recess and lunch we play street soccer with the seniors. My bro plays as well. Some somalians come and the best players are Maw and Karma. Me and my bro are considered good there but there are a lot of people with different skills here. Then on Thursday and Friday evenings we have futsal in Ivanhoe and Macleod. Maw and Karma and some Macleod students play in the leagues too. Pretty fun studying here.