Sunday, November 11, 2007

Candle And Lighter

Candle:A person who is single waiting to be lighted or a personwho has no power towards his or her partner and can only be tackled but has no power or intention to go after a person.

Lighter:A person who is powerful and in control of his or her partner.And would always be able or try to go after someone.

Advantages and features :
Candle:Gentleman like for guys and for girls shy and uneasy around guys but sometimes lighter would act like candles to play hard to get(Girls only).Candles are good for people who are going for devoted friends or partners.

Lighter:There are good lighters who tend to charm everyone and there are bad lighters who just go for anyone they like though they dont like them.When ask by a person why did the bad lighter wanted to go after the guy or mostly girls are for fun.
So stay away from a lighter to avoid getting burnt.

No one would stay as a lighter forever and someone would never be a candle forever it depends on the decision of God For however who becomes a lighter or candle.

It is both good.

Lighters are easy to get friend with

Candles are very trustworthy and you can always count on them.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Mei Lan

There was this 9 year old boy he met this preety girl but he had absolutely no feelings for her.After a year he was ten and he fell on love with another girl.Her name was ..i.. r...i .She was a sort of high class girl.Another year later he tried his best to get close to this girl.After a whole year of hard work he got to her.They chat for a while a exchanged email addresses (please handphone numbers are so teenagers this is a 11 year old im talkin about.But in the end he realised that she wasnt even close to his type.

So the boy wandered around, and bang she hit him.She was this nice,fun and mysterious girl.
The boy longed for her attention but they were from different worlds .TIP this girls r from the boys church.Until now the bvoys still had the same feelings for her.

Mei Lan is actually a name from a song _ heard when _ was at Hong Kong.

The reason i called her trhat is bcos she is so lovely.

Recently some friends found out about Mei Lan the boy wonders why.But thankfully they got mistaken and said that mei lan was another person.

So Mei Lan is still out there and hopefully _ cant start to chat with her.

But remember Mei Lan is not just the perso _love it can be the one u love too

In short Mei Lan is the person u love deeply in ur heart not for her wealth,her looks her body ,her style and body.But bcos u really want to love and be with her.

Sunday, November 4, 2007


My definition of friends are very simple people who hang out and help you.I think i have better friends at church than in school.Some of my school friends are rude and cannot be depended on
Church friends are more trustworthy.Me and my brother would always depend on our church friends to drive us everywhere.Take one of my friends Daniel and Deric Mok for example ,they would fetch us to futsal games ,lunch and most importantly CENDOL.

But hopefully our habit of needing them to fetch us would cause any troubles to them.Usually they would have their own activities and im usually worried that were disturbing them .

So thanks anyway friends:Zhi Yong, Deric Mok,Daniel Mok and others who have heplped us.

About myselve

Im clement a young "naive " teenager.i enjoy hanging out wit friends who would bring me along wit them .they drive i dont .their great.i play the bass and the guitar and admire the beatles. enjoy goin to church.futsal rockz.

I love Mei Lan a preety girl from church.

But my friends think mei lan is someone else .

I dislike hip hop artist cos i think their only famous for their videos which is only a bout preety woman instead of real music.i dont think mandarin songs r nice nbowadays as it is sad and dead

If u want to know how i feel about hip hop and mandarin songs continue readin from my blog or add me (