Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Friday, May 8, 2009

Rise and Fall Of The Blogs.

A Long time go a man with his stories lead to the inspiration of his peers and his student.Before too long his stories were hailed to its best glory. People stood and stare everywhere as the stories told grew old. His student caught on to his teachings and created his story to tell. Candle and A Lighter was his first and little did it do well. Perhaps a story of a game that never ends. His stories read but his presence too far to understand. People everywhere gathered round with daily tales to spread around. One by one they share their lives with pride. Happiness,sadness, and parts of their live.With their stories they share with care. A great man stood with challenges to him, years his troubles to stay within. A joyful boy fueled by sorrow turned his stories away. Never to return a single word to the people who wishes a word from him to say. And in the end the creator stands alone to himself. The student to far to be heard by anyone else. The great man rejoices with the holy ghost. The boy who left a legacy for the people he was once able to see. People too busy to share....their stories ending nowhere.

I use to wake up see what people have to say.
If you hear me....