Wednesday, January 21, 2009

This Summer Gong Xi Fa Chai!

Well Chinese New Year is finally here. Let the music start playing and let the food keep coming.I'm wishing all of you a happy Chinese New Year.Gong Xi Fa Cai. It's summer here and its getting really hot. Yesterday was 37 degrees Celsius. Thats very hot. So here is my summer song. Hope you like it ...Still got a week holiday....Enjoy it while it last...Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!

I could see you looking at me
With your eyes,blue as can be
And I hope I'll never be free
Since your smile captured me
It held me close in your arms so tightly

But all I do is wait too patiently
For only time will tell if you love me

Summer came with love so true
Summers fine when your mine
Trees a green and sky so clear
Only when you are here

But though your voice I always seem to hear
Your face I see although your never near

Shes In love with another guy
I bet his nice, I sure am shy
And so you see why I never try

By summers end, I still stand alone
The only love for me,comes from home.

With Joy and Prosperity

Choo Kok Min

Friday, January 9, 2009

Put Your Records On

Got a new hair cut. I miss my old hairstyle. But a new year means new hair cut. Last year I only cut my hair twice. Two times a year amazing. Chinese New Year is coming so lets get the Chinese New Year mood going. Since I was young I preferred CNY from anything else though Christmas and Easter is indeed important. But CNY is when you really celebrate and all the fun comes. Just hope that the CNY mood will come over here in Australia. Can't believe CNY is here again!!!In Malaysia we use to play cards without gambling and play mah jong with weng kit and my bro and sometimes cousin. I'm serious we actually play it. And I remember drinking alot of soft drinks. Cos the stores would sell alot with low prices my Dad would buy a lot last time and we just kept drinking and drinking some more.It was great celebrating with your family. And I would get my yearly allowance from CNY. Cos I don't usually get monthly or weekly allowance I mostly depend of CNY to get some money to use for the year like pay for futsal games and all that stuff. So hope you all would have a fun and happy Chinese New Year.

With Joy and Happiness


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas Presents!!

This are the presents and stuff I got this year
F-50 Dynamic Cut Training Gloves used by Edwin Van Der Sar and Jens Lehman for
My Glitter Lamp!! Looks awesome in the dark!!

This is my favourtie lamp but it didn't come with Yellow..

Did you notice my new 2009 calender. Pictures of puppies..

My new Mickey Mouse Cup bought from Hong Kong Disneyland 2006! Finally I can get a bigger cup of tea in the morning!

F-50 Dynamic Cut Training Gloves used by Edwin Van Der Sar and Jens Lehman for

My mum also gave me this set of Lynx. The first one is a bodyspray and the other ones a bottle of Lynx (special occasion) next to it is my aunts present which is a box of Cadbury mix chocolates!

My cousin gave me two candy canes and a boost chocolate bar.

My mum and Dad got me,my bro and sis a nintendo wii!!!Awesome Christmas present!

So this are my Christmas Presents....I wish to thank God for all the great blessings he gave and as you can see he gave me some great presents too...

Friday, January 2, 2009

2008 Photos The Year That Was...

Hey...So this are the photos of 2008 and some 2007. Anyways this photos reflect all the great blessings God gave me with all of you. My favorite picture would be the pictures I have with all of you. To be honest I feel the pictures of me alone looks boring and with all of you looks better. There is actually a happy mood in the group photos.

This song of mine came to me one day when I start to think why people change when their in love. Why are they not able to leave the person and why is she so important for that person. So I managed to write this one to advice people to choose the right person and don't ever leave your family or friends for a new love. Stay the same and be yourself. Hope you enjoy it.

With Hope and Trust in Jesus

Clement Choo