Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Young Boy's Love Song

Young Boy's Love Song
One of these days you will see
The love that you had for him was never meant to be
Don't fall on back to fantasy
Come back to me in reality

I never ever let you down sitting on your own
I never ever put you away to cry all alone
I always stood by your side
In times of sadness, a place to hide

Whatever happened to the times we shared
The times when our eyes met
All the times that you stood beside me
Our love shown silently
I allowed him to hold you close
Cause for you he meant the most

Riches may he show,
Beauties all he knows

One of these days you will see
The love that you had for him was never meant to be
Don't fall on back to fantasy
Come back to me in reality

His been playing you like his fool, his charms all a lie
While you've been crying everyday and night waiting for his reply
All the tears that you cried for him
Forgetting your past in a life of sin

Give him all your best as you can as though he understands

With all his love for somebody else and to you he pretends
That love was all the pleasure that you bring
Just because he promised you a ring.

Riches may he show
Beauties all he knows

One of these days you will see
The love that you had for him was never meant to be
Don't fall on back to fantasy
Come back to me in reality

A day will come when you realize that love was more to see
And you'll unchain the bird of your life, and that young girl shall be free
And that young girl shall be free
And that young girl shall be free

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Football = ?

While having a kick with my bro earlier today at the field near my place, I jokingly asked him if I can try out as a striker since I managed to dribble through him. To which do you have the speed? or stamina? Without hesitation I replied "is another word for striker.... speed?"
Is another word for goalkeeper...height?
Is another word for winger or midfielder....stamina and vision?

The answer my friend is NO...

Months ago my friend Brandon posted in his blog the glorious nation of France in football. It got me thinking as my favorite goalkeeper is Fabien Barthez. I started looking through a number of french goalies such as Gregory Coupet and Jeremie Janot and realized that many shared the same characteristics as I did.

ONE -They enjoy playing eccentrically or uniquely.....such as playing in a fun spirit and basically trying new tricks and saving moves during the games.
TWO- They are keen and well adapted in one on one saves.(maybe they use to play futsal too :))
THREE-They were short !!!!


I'm happy to say that most french goalkeepers were considered below average height of goalkeepers compared to the likes of Van Der Sar and Cech..

What I'm trying to say is that in football, you can never let anyone or anything limit your expectations and game play.
- Just because your short and not as fast as many other strikers doesn't mean you can't be good in dribbling , playing in the offensive zone or great in finishing.
-Just because you don't have a strong stamina doesn't mean you can't play the ronaldinho or cristiano beautifully ,,,,play football the fun way with tricks and put in joy to it.
-Just because you are not in your ideal shape or size....doesn't mean you can't kick ass in the field

Friends football is more than just what they expect from you. I had played with many of my friends in Canaan that played with so much heart and joy that you can see nothing limits them in their play. I have many to name but here are some very influential players. I won't be pointing out names yet but I know some with physical limits BUT their spiritual and football touch overpowers it. They use replacements for whatever they have. If my friend was strong and tall he used his advantage in bringing the ball up and pushing up offensively. If he was not as tall, he used a mixture of tricks and skills and his center of gravity to control the ball nicely and own you with his footwork.

My point is football has no limits. Play with heart and most importantly play with happiness and joy. CELEBRATE when you score with your friends. Enjoy your glory and success. Point up to the air and honor God and people you are grateful for. Theres no posers in football , no lame wannabe trying to act cool, there is nothing wrong with celebrating....Play with God on your side!....Hey theres nothing wrong with having the greatest player to be on your side...

Football = Heart , Joy ,Confidence , with God.

Joga Bonito ...Play Beautifully

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

High On No Drugs.

Well a strange feeling came to me today. I had this feeling in my mind a long time ago. The last time this strange trippy.....high .....druggy feeling came to me was when I was ten years old. Five years ago. I can barely pay attention or focus on anything. My mindh is just movin in an out an in...I can barely control where I want to look out...things are going blur....and jus like the last time....whenever the feeling comes I get so happy and sick the same i feel good but also feel like throwing up...And whenever I hear music im familiar to...I hear new stuff.....kinda like trippy weirdish sound...sounds tat sem new but also seem familiar....i reckon im goin crazy...maybe I should get some sleep...but this feeling is so nice.....for once im not worried about anything life may bring or what I wish to do.....when i should finish my song....when i should go and have a high on my prescription medicine ....jus a plain high.....trippy gets trippier when i close my eyes..maybe im jus tired...

Anyways i'm posting this time to introduce you to the new era of this blog....its story time and hope u emjoy it....i'll be posting some stories soon...this are love stories base on people i know and people I have this are real love stories....hope you enjoy the new era