Thursday, May 29, 2008

Most expensive Instant Noodle.

Just came back from futsal session. This time me and my bro played against adults from age 20-35. We won !!!!! I was the Goalie and I save many great goals!!! Diving,sliding and saving!!!!We won first game 6-3 against some expert adults. My bro score a great goal with tricking the keeper!!! So after the match I came back I was really hungry. The restaurant was not closed yet. I asked for some fried food but mum wont let and I already tried all the restaurant food so many times. I decided to make ONE Expensive Instant Noodle.

First I took the instant noodle out and put some hot water in after that I cracked an egg with it. Microwave for 5 minutes( to cook the egg). When I took it out it was really dry so I add in some chicken soup from the restaurant. My mum made four Dim Sims (the size of a tennis ball each enough to cover a plate). Then I put in two curry chicken from my restaurant(all thighs which means it is very tender and soft.......ang mo don't like chicken thigh so very cheap to buy) . In the end you have the most expensive instant noodle with dim sims, curry chicken, good soup and an egg. The soup of the noodle was so good that my bro decided to try it and he thought it was great. Imagine chicken soup mix with a little of the instant noodle seasoning soup mix with egg mix with curry = the best soup for the best instant noodle. Come over here someday and I will make it for you to try.

I had another type of expensive instant noodle last time. It was a normal noodle cook in a wok (chefs always say wok toss food taste better and its true). Added with an egg , chicken soup ,4 prawn , two big prawn, chicken( thigh),some beef and sotong ( ang mo panggil calamari). Also a good instant noodle.

All the best food when you use your brain the easiest could be the finest food. EXPENSIVE INSTANT NOODLE.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Futsal Styles!

If you are a futsal regular you would understand that everyone, including keepers and defends have their own unique futsal style in Canaan. Everyone developed their skills,abilities and actions from experiences like for some who learn from television,internet and other media source and some who simply play because their moves are limited from injuries or they can do slightly better.The style I'm talking about is like Roderick flipping, Ju Ping dribbling and Brandon spinning. It all takes skills and your own style. Whether it's football style, freestyle, kampung bare foot style or Wong family style, it all takes skill.

Football style is the style which is the most professional anyone can choose. It takes much training in the fields. The person should have at least a year of outdoor experience to do that. That style involves much running,blasting and crossing. People like Benjamin Khor (blasting), Uncle Andy (stamina), Clifford (running), and Ju Yuan (crossing,passing). You can see in their playing there is a certain pattern of playing. For Uncle Andy he would take some time slowly to control the defensive area and strike in the last minutes or during empty chances when your getting tired. They follow their rule in control, saving energy, and backing up on defence. Sometimes they would choose to carry on and dribble or take the shot which you can notice a change of pattern in. Be aware as these players have advantage, they have disadvantages. Football style may have the will to carry on but they have their playing on fields. So the wises way to get through them is by playing your skills. Futsal is a game of passing in a small court. Unlike football much more smaller place. Football defends take a blast from you but futsal defends challenge the striker. So to win them, go through them. They may be strong but futsal needs your brains in passing, dribbling and shooting a smaller goal.

Freestyle is for everyone who do it their own way. Roderick (tricks/control), Clement (sliding/1 on 1 ), Daniel (Keeping Stance/ Shooting), Austin (Blasting/Control) Ju Ping(Skill/Dribbling) ,Brandon Khor(Defensive Stance/Skill), Yee San( accuracy/defending) and Joel (Blasting/Keeping Skill). They use their own style with absolutely no rules. They choose what they want to use in a game and the way they feel comfortable with. Like Roderick that who uses the back of his leg to flip or shoot as a surprise move. He would turn back and take a shot while keeper is still predicting his next move. Clement who stands in his gorilla stance with hands next to his knees and bending his legs and also sliding on one on one situation. Daniel has his own unique style in playing which is predicting the next move and taking the blast. He watches the players and makes a stance that lets the ball hit him to save. Austin who has the ability to take long shots with a heavy blast makes his shooting unstoppable if not noticed. His shots are quick, and strong. Ju Ping uses his skills he learned and uses it to fool players. He takes his time and makes sure the moves he uses are suitable. Brandon spins the ball to go through other players.He has his own stance in which he bends his knees and legs side ways and takes the shot from the striker which many times succeed. Yee San has a wide knowledge of playing and accuracy in his matches where he controls the game with his defensive system. Joel has strong keeping skills from playing other sports. He is able to save hard shots quick and uses his palms to catch the ball swiftly.

Wong Family Style. I call it there because of the importance of teamwork the wong brothers share. Ju Yuan, Ju Liang and Ju Ping all shared the early teamwork system many years ago during Canaan's futsal history. The modern Ju Ping,Brandon and Benjamin Triangle is really strong and tight as it takes much teamwork and communication.The pattern that can be seen is mostly Ju Ping taking the ball up for a few steps through players constantly passing to Benjamin with Brandon behind in case the ball is snatched, so he would get it back and continue the triangle and the finisher would be either Ju Ping bringing it close and shoots it in or Benjamin finishing it off and most of the time Brandon would take after shots if the keeper manages to save the first few shots. Jeffrey Lee can be out into this category because he focuses on defending, running up and down supporting and attacking. He makes sure that the ball was with his team running to defend and help attack. He and his father had a team strategy which is really strong . Other team players are Teacher Brandon supporting in defence and attacking with his experiences and Yee San with his strong knowledge.

Kampung Bare-foot Style. This would be the hardest, nearly extinct style that I ever known. If you grew up in the 90s or 80s you would know. This are experts of easy scoring that I mentioned last time. When I was around 5 or 6 I remember at my aunty's house right in front was a playground where the malay boys, chinese boys and indian boys would all play in the evening. Because of the harsh environment they play in like the field with mud and sand they are use to finding empty spaces. They might look like normal try-hard rookies in the futsal courts but they are better than any other style in easy scoring. They have a unique style too usually they play bare footed and prefer not wearing their clothing. They play well as strikers. Players like Weng Kit (King of Easy Scoring),Joshua,Jhow Weh and even Jeffrey picked up that skill. They are extremely rare as all players including malays are starting to play in courts and abadon their roots and play according to system and rules. Those easy scorers follow their basic style. Like Weng Kit and Joshua who uses their skills. They can be seen heading the ball in. Sometimes even by walking it in when the player passes it at them. They would stand very close to the goal post to walk or blast it in. Weng Kit would use his body to reflect it in while Joshua would take shots passed at him. Jeffrey uses a modern kampung style by standing in front of the keeper and back heading a flying ball or even taking finishers with sudden attacks near the goal.

But its all in the game we play and futsal in Canaan definitely has its own STYLE.