Sunday, April 27, 2008

Gift Of LOVE

This is really not clement-like to post.I'm not sure am I feverish but somethings wrong with me lately.Just like a famous singer said 'Im not half a man I use to be...' I feel that this post is really from my other side whether good or bad I dont know for sure.Please forgive me if you find this post corny or soapie or dramatic.I have been fighting myself to post this.I dont think theres anything wrong with me but here it goes.............................

I'm posting about the gift of love today........a topic that has caused both joy and sadness for people around the world these days.Ithink for me the gift of love is very precious.Everyone gets it whether its family love,Gods love,love of the loved, puppy love and lover love.It all leads to the same place except for God's lovefor his children.Like a song I use to and still sing God's love is like a circle..a circle big and round...for when you see a circle no ending can be found...which simply says that God's love is eternal....sometimes when you try to feel smoke like I do or can't feel it.......but you know it's it is around you...........God's love I can feel.............I know where is it.......It's around me.........for those of my friends who have yet came to know Jesus and his love.........I can tell you that you haven't feel it yet but like smoke it is there with him.........

The reason I refuse to put lovers love here is because very little can find it.....perhaps your thinking I am just lonely but serious....I got this from a song call COME the verse it is stated GOT TO BE GOOD LOOKING CAUSE YOU SO HARD TO SEE which means the ugly are always left out but this days I suggest guys you find true love in ugly people too but theres also good ones in the pretty one(refer to candle and the lighter) .Yes I tell you my friend that the world is getting cruel...if you have wealth and status you need to be careful when finding this love...........many people seek lovers with the face and body but thats the heart first before you turn to the face.........maybe even seek her personality which you think may benefit you and your future........Some people may not find true love because they either have high power or good looks but I can tell you if you ask God to help you with choices in life he would give you what he thinks is best for you because God's love for you is always true.........So wise when making decisions.

Family love...the type that always warms the heart.......when your down or in trouble or when someone scares or surprises you tell me who you call for.......Mah!!!!!!!!.........yes thats what we all is because of all the love we get from them.We trust them.We love them and are always loyal to them.This are family love..your mum and dad...siblings..aunts....cousins..they will always be there for you.....your church is also your family.......when your troubled theres always people there to turn to...pastors..teachers...friends.....they are your family........they are the people who would group up and protect you and educate you when your down.....your church would always be there to guide you with God as team turn to your family when in trouble...........

Love of the loved and puppy love this are the subjects when I come back as the normal teenage clement....that is the kid who types for love of the loved........have you ever been to Times Square...Mid Valley.....The Mines........................................Carrefour......all except of the last one shows love of the loved...this is something like candle and lighter thing...if you have seen this youngsters there mostly LALA would know what I'm talking about.........but this love is also if you are in a relationship..........ever had the feeling of I want to see her........must chat with her miss you and all that.........well thats the love of the loved and perhaps true love....but who knows................Love of the loved is still a strange thing isnt it.............then we go to puppy love..........heres five examples............boyI:he met this girl at summer camp.....they were happy.........he purposed...she ask for some time.........he week a new girl came.........he gets back on his feet.......lady's and gentleman....the Puppy Love....boy II:he met this neighbour who he fell inlove with....they had fun....flying kites...cycling....being chased by the rain.........he had to move away..both never met again....then at school.......he met this girl in his class...they sat together.....BINGO he was happy.....but she became prim...he promises never to love....then he met another they look at each other....friends were jealous...they were glad.....both admits sharing feelings for each other...but they were given not enough ending.......boy may be seeking new love(Puppy Love)........boy III: He mets this girl chat one the phone play sms....both admit love straight gf thing ends...boy meets another girl and the cycle goes on admit love...thing end...cycle continues for boy for another 8 TIMES hey heres a clue PUPPY LOVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Boy IV:Boy meets girl they argue...........fought............fought.........fought.........hey hey puppy love.Boy V:boy loves girl.....girl loves other boy...boy complains to his friends and they say..............Aiyah Puppy Love only!!!!! relaxlah...............well there you go guys.

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Lake Isle of Sri Petaling

So I told you about my six months without my parents but I didn't tell you about the fun times that I shared with all my friends during it.For some this might just be my life without much for them but it is peaceful,fun and warming for me hence the title of this post Lake Isle of Sri Petaling which is copied from my favourite school english poem Lake Isle of Innisfree in which the author seeks peace and warmness.No I'm not talking about the fish pond near the Sri Petaling school I'm talking about the closeness of friendship and Gods wonderful gift of friendship and love.The six months for me was 40%Weng Kit hanging out with me and my brother all the time,20%futsal buddies most of the time Benjamin,Brandon and Ah Ping,another 20% in daniel's car hanging out with cendol,and the last 20% with all my church friends,pastors and teachers.

The one that makes me smile the most is waking up in the morning hearing someone playing the playstation outside the room. Once I hear the sound of race cars I can tell Weng Kit was there.Always glad that he came and han out with us.Ive known him since I was born and we all grew up including weng fei playing together.Then Weng Fei grew up and we hang out less but he still drove us everywhere.So the remainder was Me,my bro and Weng Kit.During the six months he was came to visit and stay with us at our aunts house .We would have breakfast then walk to carrefour which is very near our house.Laughing,talking,singing and me chasing my brother while we walk to the shopping complex.Once there we would either go to the arcade up there and weng kit and my bro would race DAYTONA and I watch trying to act like an expert whos too good for the game.Sometimes we would skip breakfast and go have a mamak thats satisfying and cheap at carrefour at the boat area .Then we would go CC.My bro and weng kit would play the games there and I would watch Youtube(its because connection at home terrible and slow because were using my phone to go online) most of the time oldies.I just love watching beatles and the hui brothers movies.We have the funniest laughs and greatest times hanging out in carrefour.Other times we would take the train which is close to my aunts apartment(bukit jalil station) to Tasik Selatan and take KTM to mid valley or sometimes to Times Square.Usually my bro would go to those places on a date with girls and me and weng kit follow as funny bodyguards.Weng Kit dont always meet friends there but the arcade at mid valley and times square is his sanctuary usually he spend the whole day there only joining us when we watch movies together then go back to the arcade.While I walk by myself hanging out in MPH(my arcade) reading on beatles books that I wish I could by but could only read.I would sit on the floor at the profiles and biography side where nobody goes and read, some more...and read.Sometimes I buy but my budget is RM30-below which is very hard to find in MPH.Then I would have lunch at McDonalds most of the times with Weng Kit,very little with my bro and the girl his with and one time joined by a group of teenage strangers one guy around 16 two girls around his age but it was because that time McDonalds was full and no more seat but throughout that time I was grabbing on my wallet and food so no one takes it away.Cliff,Me and Weng Kit seem to show different characters at some times but looking back it all seem like a comedy movie.Cliff always hanging out with girls with a smooth seemingly cool character always getting his way,weng kit the wise ,gangster looking guy with his witty and funny words and me the kid who seems to make everyone around laugh and always the funny,bad luck one like the time i tried speaking cantonese with a waitress and ended up ordering food that I dont think was food and constantly getting in trouble in a funny way that I laugh back thinking.But it was all worth it.Weng Kit's memory in us is always big from having lunch at carrefour with soya bean to having dinner by ourselves at Carrefour it all seems meaningful.

Then theres my futsal side of the good times.The futsal sessions of praising and yelling at each other.Then theres the after sessions of collecting money,joking,talking,sharing,playing skills and drinking................coca-cola and 100 plus.But there was still more than that.I remeber the best time was when we sit in Benjamin's car while the song Is This Love by Bob Marley is played with the car windows down and volume set to highest and the whole futsal strangers look at us while we drive slowly laughing.One time after futsal me,my bro and weng kit went to Ju Ping's house and it was really late so we decided to go have Pan Mee with Benjamin and Brandon at around 9.00 at the time in Serdang and that was the best I ever had thats why we always talk about Pan Mee and Sour Lime Juice.We kept asking for more anchovies or also known as Ikan Billis(my favourite snack) and sambal.That memory is sticking with me like glue until now.Even during the farewell party they came and gave us meaningful advise and I really thank you guys for all the memories,praises,and fun times we use to have.I remember jamming with joel,Ju Liang and Uncle Richard at Ju Liang's house.It was really a memorable time which I learned alot of new things.Those sessions really influenced me in a way.So thanks guys.

There was also the fun times with church friends like the trip to sunway lagoon where me and my friend got to hang out which I'm still thinking about and also all the fun rides at that place.Then theres also Daniel and his car.But seriously Daniel was a big part for me and my bros memory.I'm sure its part of weng kit's too.I remember one time when there was a heavy rain on a sunday and we were all craving for cendol.So we had it in the car.So I suppose in a way we invented eating cendol in the car and from that day onwards we had most of our cendol sessions in the car.The whole bowl of cendol seem to taste different in an air conditioned car.Then ofcourse the time we went to his boss church and spent hours in the car which is the memory of all memories.We had the most fun time.So thanks Daniel for helping us have a great six months and thanks Myvi and also thanks to the indian cendol people.

Before I end this I would like to thank you all and have a good day.I will see you end of this year!

Friday, April 18, 2008

My Dream Homes

This might seem very pre-school like.But in my head I'm forever this kid who loves to imagine.Feel free to comment this as I would love to see your point of view.But what I'm doing now is just to let you see whats in my head all the time.I admit this sometimes come to my head during English worship sermons but when the pastor says something funny I would come back to the real world and then go back there after 5-6 minutes.What I'm thinking of is my future dream houses.

First house would be a bungalow in Bukit Jalil that I stayed in when I was 8-10 years old but my parents sold away but I'm planning to buy it back.There is a big living room taking much space from the bungalow that looks up to three stories up.Theres a study room there two toilets one next to the study room the other at the kitchen where the maids room was.On the ground floor there is a fish pond that is indoor and connects to the outdoor.Hopefully by the time I buy that house the dog house we built last time with a sewage system would still be there.My grandmothers room would also be at the ground floor but I will make it into a room for my aunts,my grandmother and elderly guests in the future so it would be easier for them not to climb the steps.I would have Koi(Japanese carps) fishes there on the ground floor that my father use to take care of but by then I would help out with watching over it.On the second floor there would be the master bed room which would be given to my mum and dad as I plan to get the house for my parents.the two other rooms on the second floor which use to be me and brothers room would be given to who knows my own family.I might take the rooms on the third floor that has a toilet,three rooms including one which use to be the karaoke room but I might change it to mine seeing that there is a huge balcony on the third floor.Hopefully the current owners now wouldn't change much of my old house as I really like it just the way it is.This house I would let my parents and my little sister possibly my brother stay in.My plans for this house is to buy it for my parents to stay in the future as I know they would love it.

Then I would have my own dream house that I have always wanted.It's going to be the one I choose for myself and maybe with my own family where time would tell.I've seen one of those nice big houses with big prices.But by then I wouldn't care if I anyone but my family disagreed because thats where I want to be.On the ground floor there will be a huge wooden door in the entrance.A nice garden outside.Entering the house you would see a living room where we would have dinner.Three rooms at the ground floor.Each with a different design.There would be the first room with a huge glass wall looking out towards the swimming pool with a curtain over it of course.That room would be facing the back of my house where there would be the pool.The room would have a cold glassy design having it right "next to the pool" which helps the design.A second room with a very natural design.I went to a show house once and seen the toilets which is outdoors with tall wooden planks surrounding it and I was intrigued with the idea so the second room's toilet should be like that with the wooden feel in the room and a door which leads to the toilet thats outside but covered with the top of it facing the sky.A living room would be at the middle of that house with facing part of the garden and the front of the house.The third room would be really normal but slightly bigger in size.I would have the second floor my floor .Yes I think I should have that be my floor because if I were to have a family I figured kids by then would like to have their so I wont share the same floor with them so I choose to take the whole floor while the rest of my family can take the third floor to give them more space.My floor would be my dream room.My room would have a balcony with a small pool there facing towards an open space.My room would have the a window as it's roof facing the sky.Wouldn't it be nice.Im going to use the third floor possibly for my family.Like normal people would include a study room and all that education purpose stuff but I would be a different parent in a way and include a sports and entertainment room!!!!!!.As a tribute to my past I would have the fourth floor as the multi purpose floor with game rooms and all that fun things.The final floor would be the guest rooms.

But thats not all.That house would be a house I buy way,way,way in the future.I'm planning to live in an apartment in maybe 9-10 years.I won't just go for normal apartments though.I have a strong imagination and ambition so I'm thinking one of those fancy,high class and some say proud apartments like those next to Mid Valley.I fell in love with those apartments because of it's location which is right next to the Gardens and Mid Valley but by then I would select a place with a different complex much more grand.Of course the place would be busy and the night won't be calm but who cares I can't sleep when it's too quiet and I love busy environment so it should be perfect for me.Plus I would be 23 or 24 by then full of energy to have a busy,busy,busy life.Most importantly I would have my Yellow or Blue Volkswagen Beetle thats my dream car.So I can drive around and complain about the traffic jam at where I stay!!!in my dream car.Honk at people I know and hopefully not honk at bad drivers and traffic jam.

But I must remember to give to others before I plan to enjoy what I have.So I must always put God and people who needs help first before striking to my dream house but no one(except of God) would stop me from getting my DREAM CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So thats pretty much all I want in the future.

Count Your Many Blessings

God has blessed me in many ways.So many it will take months of writing to tell it to you.But here are some that I always have in my mind.Being able to live is already a blessing.But this post is important to me because it's going to remind myself when my faith is tested.

Two blessings that I remember the most is God watching over me and my brother and sister through the six months while my parents was away and having the chance to go to Australia.God gave me many things.Abilities to go through everyday as who I am and abilities to serve him.God gave me a birthday present on April 16th a few days ago, that is the ability to play the harmonica.On that day , I came home and decided to look for the harmonica my mum bought for me on my 7th birthday but I did not learn to play it another 7 years later I finally learn to play it as I explored that instrument and then found out a pattern to help me read harmonica scores.So I thanked God for my birthday present that he gave me!!.

Another blessing is all my friends,pastors,teachers and futsal and cendol friends.They supported me throughout my whole life and I'm really happy and glad to have such loyal and trusting friends like them.God has watch over me throughout my whole life.The greatest blessing he gave me was giving me the chance to grow up in a Christian family.Imagine if I was brought up as some other religion and had never came across Jesus before my life would be extremely different.

I might have a typical youngster attitude, doing negative activities and might not be who I am.Indeed that was the blessing I appreciate in many ways to be brought up in a Christian environment.God is a very strange loving father as he works in very amazing ways.When you ask for something he wouldn't give it to you there and then but he will guide you in earning it. When you start to think hard you actually realize that he was with you all the time.


Sunday, April 13, 2008

6 months To Australia

I had a lot of memories in Malaysia.See my parents went to work in Australia for six months leaving me,my bro and my sis with my two aunts.They worked hard in the restaurant and soon after 5 months they got their visa we were overjoyed.So now I'm here and thinking of the good and bad times throughout the six months.So I thought of sharing it with you all.

I remember the day before my parents went.It was at night and my parents had already sent us to my aunts a day earlier.We just had a family dinner at a restaurant and we were in the car.I remember my sister was in teary eyes as she asked my mum why did they had to go.I'm extremely proud of her because she was away from her mum and dad for six months which is amazing for a little girl her age.That night in the car I remember my Dad telling me and my bro not to argue while we they were away and at first I didn't know what to answer and kept quiet but my dad asked a second time and I was still finding words to say.I'm not happy because I failed to answer my Dad which until now I regret for some reason.When we reached my aunt house I realised I had a homework to hand in the next day and was to busy to even say goodbye to my parents .My dad said the third time to promise him but all I replied was a shameful "Yea,Yea ok i got alot of work to do now" and they just left.That night while sleeping I regreted saying that and wished I could at least say something better to my dad.I remember praying to God that they would be save so that I wont have to regret saying those shameful words.

The next day I got up and went to school and in my head all I thought of was my mum and dad and when they would call back to us.After I got back to school at around 7.00 my mum and dad called back .I was so glad and decided to have a chat with my mum and dad.During the six months with my aunt I learned many things.Weng Kit stayed with us for two weeks because his parents went along with mine to do some surveying as they too had plans to go there.

Days went by like seconds and soon before I realised it a month passed.By that time we had a routine for doing things Mon-Fri get up in around 10.30 and prepare for school.Aunty Mei would make breakfast for me then aunty joon would fetch me to the bukit jalil station and take the train to Masjid Jamek and once I was there I would walk a long way to school up the hill watching other students in cars while I scratched my old beatle like-oldies hair.Get to school ususally very sweaty.I enjoyed the days at school when I felt like the big brother because of an incident when I saved me and my friends from nearly being suspended by discussing with the principle.To our delight instead of getting into trouble the boy who complained on us got into hot soup for "fitnah".The joy and pride for talking myself out of trouble.Which gained me some friends and enemies.So anyways after school I would get home take the 7.00 train and reach Bukit Jalil at 7.20.When I get home I would first shower and have dinner then enjoy my night as I always finish homework at school.But throughout the whole time I think of my parents.

Soon two months past and holidays would soon come.I most enjoy that time.Enjoy waking up late.Many times Weng Kit would come sleepover on Fridays and when he arrives me,my bro and him would walk like a group of friends chatting and singing most of the time the song "My Friend" and "Negaraku(Namewee version)" from the condo to pasar malam.We would each be given 5 dollars and I would spend my money on the 4.50 nasi lemak and put it two dollars to buy a cup of bubble tea lychee flavor.My bro would use the five dollars to buy many things like noodle,1 dollar nasi lemakx2, and soya bean all with just 5 dollars and yes I have to make a confession that we did support pirated dvds but clean ones like Transformer,Fantastic 4 and my oldies CDs that is very hard to find.SINFUL.Then we would walk back.On saturdays and sundays we would be at church.Sometimes on friday nights after buying the food we would all including weng kit go back to my Serdang Bungalow House and clean it.We would also spend time in Cyber Cafes with weng kit and my bro playing games and me watching Youtube oldies because there very fast so I have to.When that time came me and my bro had both became closer by hanging out more often like going to CC,pasar malam and futsal.

Weng Kit was like our third brother we had the most fun time together and by that time me and my bro had become so independent and free that sometimes I seem to forget that my parents are working very hard in Australia and when I remember I would pray for them most of the time when we are walking to somewhere I would think of them.I practically got use to buying my own food ,going to school myself and spending my weekends with weng kit and my bro going to shopping malls by ourselves through public transport.But many times I feel very proud of my family for being able to cope being away from each other.Until now I'm puzzled at why my parents could last so long working in Australia thinking of us and us in Malaysia mostly my sister go through school life thinking of my mum and dad.I still cant believe that we actually managed half a year other than the expected 2 months thats 3 times.

On Sundays we have the best time.Wake up early and prepare for church.I would usually be the last.We would go to church by car most of the time fetched by weng kits mum.I would first attend Sunday school.Daniel,Yee Ling and Teacher Pei Yiing was our teacher.Me and the guys would have the best time.Jeff,Austin and I would be the ones to break the silence bringing color to the class along with Daniel.Then I would attend worship with Brandon from my class.Usually joined by Ju Ping.I remember most of worship.Brandon,Ah Ping and me would sing our lungs out.Then after worship we would go for lunch usually Daniel fetching me,my bro and weng kit.Daniel was a big part of me and my bros memory in Malaysia.Not only was he my teacher he was a futsal member ,cendol member and presentation director.One of the greatest memory I had was when after a Saturday youth program me,my bro and weng kit followed him to his boss new church.We were in the car for one and a half hours driving very far and when we arrived the service was over and everyone were eating.Daniel chatted with his boss while me and weng kit went for the nuggets and fries.After only half and hour we drove another 1 and a half hours this time ending up lost.I remember driving up to Batu Caves looking at the Hidu Gods at night.Really creepy and Weng Kit had his eyes closed while I watch in amazement.Weng Kit and my bro were worried that the fuel was running out and so was Daniel.I did not know anything about cars and did not know when to worry.Another was when we go for cendol.I had alot of memories.Thanks Daniel for helping us through the six months.

When the holidays began all the fun came for us.A few days before the holiday started we were worried that we wouldn't get the visa to go to Australia then one morning a few days before the holidays our parents called back and told my aunts that we got it!!!!I was sleeping and so was my bro and then I heard my aunt shouting.At first I thought something went wrong but when I got out I realized that it was laughter.We were overjoyed.Just a few days ago our uncle in Australia working with my parents called us to pray together on the phone and told us if we didn't get it we dont have to worry as everything was in Gods will.I prayed hard every night telling God that I wont let go and kept telling myself I am going and in the end we got it.

Holidays were fine.We had nothing to do and when VBS came I started serving as a guitarist.I was happy because I was finally serving in VBS.Thanks to Pastor Siew Teng.She helped me by giving me lessons and many help in serving God.I was overjoyed.The people serving on the first practice was normal but I was surprised to see Peter and Faith and was glad too.Someone in my age group serving and I was relieved that they were serving too.I enjoyed the moments of serving I remember standing on next to Ju Liang during worship closest to the students with my bro on Ju Liangs right. I kept looking back were Joel was to see him play.Amazing drumming.I loved jamming and serving with them .I could hear to music which was so fun for me.It sounded like the real CD track and I was happy when saw the video of us playing Yesus Pokok on DVD which sometimes make me think of the good times even when I think of the song.When school started in January I was happy because I did not have to go to school but the price was leaving all my friends to go to Australia.By that time me,my bro and sometimes on Fridays Weng Kit would go to my Aunty Joons house because my bro had went ther to visit this girl who lived in the same street.Surprisingly we used to live there and they only met at a youth camp.He would go there at 3.00 o'clock to 7.00 o'clock which most of the time standing at the gate talking to her and me and weng kit would silently watch behind a car.Other times when we were there at my aunty joons house we would walk to a cendol store very far from her house and have lunch there.

Soon our time to go to Australia came.My parents had came back and I was so happy to see them.The guys at church had planned to have a farewell for us.We had our last futsal match and we laughed and said good bye.On a tuesday night a few days before we have to go we went for the farewell .There we ate and had a session were me and my bro had to sit on a chair while they asked questions and in the end found out who we liked but they promised to keep it hush hush.To my relieve the girl I was mad for called me the day before I left and we had a chat and said bye to each other.I think it was because of my confession that she found out and yea!!!we chat on the phone.Anyways on the farewell I remember sitting inthe chair with my bro as everyone gave us advise and farewells .It was very sad.They all treated us so well.At the end the party was over and Daniel gave us eah a present a wrestle mania collection for my bro and to me a Beatles biography book which I always wanted.In return we gave him two bowling balls.

On the day we left Pastor Siew Teng,Daniel and Derek and all my family members came.Oh yea and before the day we left me,my bro,weng kit,joel,ah ping,Brandon and Benjamin went to the mamak at night and then CC playing counter stike which I remember the most.I remember going down the lift as I see Daniel,Derek and Pastor Siew Teng looking at us waving good bye.My brother and mum were in tears as we left.I told myself to remember these great days that we been through and all those great people who had been with us for the 6 months .THANKS