Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year !! 2009!!

The New Year just feels good doesn't it. But every time we celebrate new years we know we grow older and some of us might hope that the new year would be a good one for them.I hope 2009 would be a very fruitful year for me. Just like 2008 I expect new challenges in life and new blessings from God too.But this year I will respond to all these challenges and blessings with open arms.I promise to go through them with joy and trust in Jesus. If you were to ask me something I would like this year. Well I would definitely hope for a boost in my musical life. I hope to write more songs and since I'm in Year 9 (form three) in Australia. This year there will be not much test and less homework. So I could focus on my musical career and life and hope that this year would be a great one for it. Other than that I don't hope for more. Maybe a good sporting life too. May 2009 be a year for all your dreams come true and may God be upon us all.2009 would be a year of hope for me.

I'm turning 15 now. It seems like yesterday I was 4 years old in my parents arm while celebrating New Years and now I'm a teenager in Australia. The year passes so quickly. Hope 2009 would be very long and maybe achievements could be made.

Lastly I hope that in 2009 we will all have good lives. Prosperity and all that stuf isn't important. The important thing is we spend the year meaningfully. Spend the year for God.

Have a Happy New Year

Peace and Love

Cleemnt Choo Kok MIn

Farewell 2008!! 31st December 2008

Well I guess this is the end of 2008. I must say that this year was a year of great changes and even greater challenges. I got through some moments which would change my life and for the lives of many other people too. This year started with great blessings and I know that it will end with even more blessings. There were ups and downs. Things created and things taken. 2008 was actually a very meaningful year to me. Hey guess wat since Australia's time is three hours faster than Malaysia. I will celebrate new years earlier than most of you:). But surely there will be a positive and negative side of celebrating new years in Aussie land. The good thing is I can enjoy the cool fireworks in Sydney Harbour. The bad thing is X'mas and New Years is best celebrated with every family member and church friends which I consider family to me too. I wish all of my family,friends,and my family in Canaan a very Happy New Year. Right now I'm kissing 2008 goodbye. God gave me many blessings this year and he has been great to me just as he has always been. He gave me trials. He gave me gifts. Most importantly out of all of those things he has blessed me with he has shaped me. He has made a difference in me this year. God guided from the start of the year when I came to Australia. He helped me blend in with my new friends. Helped me join a futsa team and played some great matches. He answered my prayers.Recently he even helped me write some songs which I had planned ot do for so long. He told me that as a person we live for him and whatever he decides for us is surely the best for us. I really thank God for 2008. May 2009 be a f\great year too. Remember God never make mistakes. God is good.

Well theres nothing much to say but to say Happy New Year. Welcome 2009. Bye Bye and farewell 2008 you have been an amazing year.

With Peace and Love,

Clement Choo Kok Min

Friday, December 19, 2008

Tagged By Siew Lin

1. Do you think you're hot?
Nope.....I'm warm.

2. Upload a favourite picture of yourself.

3. Why do you like the picture?
Cos its my most recent one....

4. When was the last time you ate pizza?
A few weeks ago

5. What was the last song you listened to?
We Can Work It Out by The Beatles (best band ever)

6. What are you doing right now besides this?
Nothing to do just starting a new song..

7. What name do you prefer besides your name?
Erm...Clement cos my real name is Choo Kok Min...

8. 5 people to tag
-Yee San
9. Who is number 1?

10. Who is number 3 having a relationship with?
Heard he is in a relationship with someone

11. Say something about number 5?
Best drummer ever, basketball and futsal player. All rounder in futsal.

12. How about number 4?
Very Good Friend, Great Song Leader (very fun when he is song leading),very cheerful.

13. Who is buddy number 2?
She is melissa (hope I spelled her name correctly)

*14. Are you thinking of anyone now?
No one....but Mcdonalds! though I just had it yesterday

*15. If you were a dog, you will...
Try dog food cos now I have an excuse to eat it :)

Anyways once again Merry Christmas !!!! Peace and Love !! Bye Bye

Friday, December 12, 2008

Not much to do since holidays just started. Christmas is coming soon. The christmas mood here is very very strong. Everyone celebrates. But no matter how big christmas is it is important to know the true meaning christmas is celebrating the birth of Jesus.Some of my friends think that Christmas is all about Santa, trees and presents....So celebrate Christmas with your family,friends and lovers but remember the true reason you celebrate it...Here a song called Girl.

This is the first song I wrote. Hope you enjoy it please comment and give me your opinion. I came up with the melody and tune of the song last year around November 2007 and yesterday wrote the lyrics of the song. And it is definitely based on a real girl I know...

Girl You Know That I Love You
Its save for me to say now
I Love You

Girl You Know I always will stay true
My love for you is ever more
and I love you

Maybe I will never be a man
Maybe I will never understand
But I know that I love you

Maybe you will never ever see
Maybe our love was never meant to be
But I Still Love You

Girl its really hard for me to
Tell you that your hair looks
Wonderful and so are you

And I could never find a way to
Tell you that your beautiful
And I Love You

Maybe its just so hard for you
To say that you love me too
But I still know that you do

Open your eyes and start to see
That when your with you'll be happy
And I shall hold you closely with me

Merry Christmas and lets get ready for 2009!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Sunburn!! Homeless World Cup

I'll Be Just Ok
This is a new song. I wrote this song and it's definitely about love and how hard it is for teenagers to forget about a crush they have. Hope you like it and please give me your opinion on the song....

It was a warm summers day
Full of love in everyway
When our eyes first truly met
Brown and blue together
And I loved her when she looked into my eyes

She was a young girl living
A life full of meaning
With a face that catches the eye
And I tried so hard
As I thought that I seem just like her guy

And I remember
Closing my eyes , pushing things aside everything just fine
Its then I realize that in my life
She would never be by my side

And now I dream that she closer to me
And I'll Be Ok
I'll Be Just Ok

Then she turned into that girl
The very special girl
As I fell too deep love
I was blinded by her charms
and I thought that she was sen't from up above

And I prayed so hard
From the bottom of my heart
She'll soon be close to me
But as day past by
I realize that our love was never meant to be

Now and then I close my eyes, push the pain aside
Everything's just fine
Theres no reason to cry
And for this guy
Another girl will come my way

Today was a very tiring day. Yesterday and today I attended the Homeless World Cup. Tomorrow I'll be going as well. If you look at the video you will see that on my arm is red at the lower side and white in the upper. Well this is all thanks to the sunburn I got from watching the game. This is serious as I might get skin cancer which is easy to get in Australia's hot sun. Today it was 33 degree Celsius which is very very hot. Now I got sunburn. Pray that my sunburn will not get bad. I kinda asked for it because I insisted on sitting under the sun near the court where the players are.

Oh yea the Homeless Street Soccer World Cup is awesome. The players are great and last year 77% of the participants had their lives changed through this program.Some got home to stay in while some quit drugs ,smoking and alcohol. This is very good for our society and it really helps this people who do not have life as good as we do. We should all be thankful :)

Anyways if your feeling tired of seeing my face when I sing, feel free to go to where you can listen but no need to see. Merry Christmas to you all, holiday is starting for me while some of you are planning to go back to school!! :p Until next time Bye Bye!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Lagu Cinta Lagu Jiwa

I guess you can play songs and you can enjoy songs.....but the joy of playing your own song is friend likes this girl and he tried to write a song for her...he showed me a few lines which talked about rainbows and how pretty she was just a mix of i decided to create a song based on the few words he showed me...

Lyrics: }





Friday, November 21, 2008

One Little Bird.

Hi guys. Today was a great day. Played a good futsal game. My team faced a somalian grown up team. Roughly around 20-30 years old players. We leaded at first with 2-0 but then they managed to come back. In the end they won with 8-6. Good news is that I made many saves. The opponent had fun playing as they laugh at their friends who I save goals from.Just celebrated my Aunty Joons birthday party. Her son in law made some sushi. So it was a sushi party. Sang the B'day song and then cut the cake. It's simple but the important thing is we were together celebrating a member of the families birthday. Thats what made it special. I would say its even better than celebrating your friends or even your tian mi mi puppy love birthday cos its family and theres where all the important love is.

Oh when walking back from school I saw this cute chubby little bird on the floor. It looked like a baby bird and it was chirping so loudly. I just kept watching it for like ten minutes and then a nice couple walked past. I kept watching the little bird from a short distance , hoping no one steps on the little cute bird.

A strange thing happened. After an hour or so. I took a train to Macleod to go to the futsal stadium. While coming out of the train, I saw the same bird. FaT AND CHUBBY. The strange thing was the place that I first saw it was very far away. How did it get here. Did it took the train too!!!

So thats my day story. Oh by the way....recently I have been writing into a different blog. I put in fictional stories. I think its a blog for boys because it contains action stories like fighting, guns and even fictional futsal. The blog is

Friday, November 14, 2008

Food I Remember!!!

Lately I have been thinking about some Malaysian food. You guys may think you know how some food should taste but here I would introduce to you to some food that are so tasty that it can change your daily eating life.
Char Siew Pao (Ipoh)
Siew Lin seems to enjoy this a lot.Hope this post would be help her find the best char siew pao. The best CSP comes from Ipoh.I can't remember which part. But there is one special restaurant there that specializes in char siew pao. My dad tells me that every morning the restaurant is packed with people just to get some of thier char siew pao. Everytime my dad goes to Ipoh he would buy three boxes of char siew pao back. The best part of the char siew pao is the stuff in it. It has a stronger char siew smell and the outer layer is extremely tasty. Soft with just the perfect moisture needed to create the best char siew pao.

Char Siew ( Restoran Sek Yuen)Pudu.Next to the LRT station.
This restaurant is located in KL. It is a very old shop. Built in 40s. My family has been eating there for a long time. It is so old that when you step inside the Restaurant, you feel like you just went back to the 50s. In it there's an old record player playing classic songs. Anyways the Char Siew there is the best in Malaysia.When you bite on it you instantly feel the crispiness. The char siew doesn't come with sauce but the meat itself packs its own flavor.It is definitely the finest Char Siew in Malaysia. Other than that, when you are there please try the Roast Duck as well and most importantly the fried chicken wings which is also one of their finest dishes.

Roast Duck. (Restoran Wei Kei)Pudu.
First tried it when I was around 8-9 years old. When I first tried duck. I was actually afraid to try it but when I took that first bite. I was hooked for life. You have to try this persons duck. He actually went on TV before. In 8TV because of the roast duck he served. Usually when you eat roast duck the skin would be very fat. The cool thing with Wei Kei's Duck is you can actually slice all the fat of from the skin. It would still be crispy and the duck meat has a great taste only Wei Kei have. I believe it is the spices he uses on the duck.The person who chops the duck is also the chef. He use to work in a big shop in Pudu but now has moved to a hawker stall in a market in Pudu, where all the bus stop. The bus place is all I remember as well as an indoor market. My dad calls him Wei Zai. He is so focused on his job that he actually went to China to find better duck eggs so he could make better tasting duck. He succeeded.I consider his duck the best in the world. By the way, his parents came from Lo Wu, Hong Kong. This meant that his duck recipe is actually passed down by his parents from Hong Kong!! the place with the best roast stuff.

Well that's all for now. Good Luck to VBS helpers, teachers, musicians,and other people involved. GO BOYS GO GIRLS!!!!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Tagged 2

Tagged by Siew Lin.
1. What's your most favourite colour?
Yellow......Yellow!!!!!!!Love Yellow....Everything Yellow is AWESOME!!

2. Who is the most important to you?
God,Family ,and Friends

3. How often do you think of committing suicide?
I dont think of comitting suicide ...however i sometimes... i feel tat life is not really that exciting anymore...but i wont kill myself :)

4. Do you think you have enough confidence?

5. How many babies you want?
Right now .... jus one would be a lot of trouble for me....but yea in the future i like to have a futsal team of kids (5 or more)

6. Do you believe in seeing a rainbow after the rain?
Yes...but i only see two to three colours..

7. What is your goal for this year?
This year is almost ending and i forgot about it...

8. Do you believe in eternity love? happens

9. Do you think that the person who tag you,like to play kidnaping?
I Don't think Siew Lin would play kidnapping....

10. What are you really afraid of?
Challenges in life...

11. What is your bad habit?
Rubbing my face...

12. Do u have a secret crush?
I can never have a secret crush.....crush maybe...secret no...

13. Do you cherish every single friendship of yours?
- yeap

14. What does flying means to you?
Flying means travelling to places...when you say flying ...i think about other countries....

15. What do you crave for the most currently?
I want to experience life, living in a city alone....

16. Are you single/relationship?
Im single and glad about it...

17. Describe the person who tagged you in 7 words.
Siew Lin is a very good friend...(7 words)!!!

18.The most memorable thing a crush did for you...
Erm...well once she got me a cup of water...yeap water...washed my feet with it (got sand on it during that time)...:)

19. What is the worst case scenario happen to you in your life?
I rolled the ball to my opponent during a futsal match...

20. Which you prefer, Char Siew Pao or Char Siew Meat? =P
Well if you give me Ipoh Char Siew Pao and normal Char Siew Meat...I choose Char Siew Pao...

But if you give me Char Siew Meat from a restaurant called Sek Yuen in KL and normal Char Siew Pao....I choose Char Siew Meat...

So it depends where the food is from.

Instructions: Remove one question from above and add in your personal question. Make a total of 20 questions and tag 5 people. List them out at the end of the post.Notify them in their cbox that they've been tagged. Whoever does the tag will have blessings from all.

Tagged :

1. Jeffrey...Tagged expert
2. Peter....PMR over, so more blogging!!
3. Joel....After SPM..
4. Weng Teik....Must do man..

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Tagged by Jeffrey

1. What is the relationship of you with him/her?
Friends and fellow futsal player.

2. Your 5 impressions towards him/her.
funny, loyal,friendly,smart and Wayne Rooney!

3. The most memorable thing he had done for you?
eh....the most memorable thing would be the times we all went through...he done alot of memorable thing for me and his other frens.

4. The most memorable thing he have said to you?
Once told me to either roll the ball to him or take a shot when i was keeper.....then i took a shot which brought me my first goal as keeper!!!thanks jeff.

5. If he become your lover, you will...
haha......i would be confused as to what went wrong with me....

6. If he become your enemy, you will...
i would blame it on myself....

7. If he become your lover, he has to improve on..
well......jeff is a guy.....

8. If he become your enemy, the reason is..
maybe becos i made him angry.....

9. The most desirable thing to do for him is?
well......i would either buy him a bag of Mcdonald fries or take him on a trip......( hey jeff wanna go genting??)

10. The overall impression of him is...
great futsal playmaker and great friend

11. How do you think the people around you will feel about you?
erm....maybe they would feel happy....hopefully never sad....

12. The character of you for yourself is? and im an old-soul....

13. On contrary, the character you hate of yourself is?
I hate the angry part of myself that tends to hate everything....

14. The most ideal person you want to be is?

someone who benefits society and someone who would make a difference...

15. For the people who care about and likes you, say something about them.
well thank you.....i like you too...

ten people to tag.
1. Daniel Mok
2. Dr Zhi Yong
3. Ju Ping (take your time after SPM)
4. Zhi Zheng
5. Declan
6. Ah Voon....Brandon
7. Joel(take your time after SPM)
8.Ah Teik
9. Austin Hii
10.Yi Qian (new on the blog)

Who is number 2 having a relationship with?
not sure....maybe with someone from seremban..

Is number 3 a male of a female?

If number 7 and 10 were together would it be a good thing?
i guess yea...why not...

How about number 5 and 8?
erm....both of them dont know each both of them are guys...

What is number 1 studying about?
his working hard now..

Is number 4 single?
i think so.....

Say something about 6?
smart....good friend.....loves God.....

For those already tagged with this tagged.....don't have to do :)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

My Genting Highlands.

When I was younger, around the age of 3-5 years old I remember that Genting was way different that it is recently. I mean that was the 90s around 1997 to 1999. My old picture of genting was way better than it is today. I mean sure most of you would reckon the new Genting Highlands is cooler with the new First World Plaza and all that. But my old view of the place is a peaceful retreat that people go for the fresh air.

The Environment.
So I remember when I was a little boy. My mum would wake me up very early in the morning and carry while I was still in my pajamas into the car. There we would drive to Genting. Nowadays when you go there. The mountain is actually bright and sunny. But when I was younger. I remember it was cloudy,misty and very cold. I think the pollution has definitely ruined my view of Genting as a peaceful retreat. There was once while driving there , I saw halfway up the mountain, two statues of sumo wrestlers and some huge mushrooms. But nowadays when we go there they are gone. Maybe some older people might remember it. Anyone who was a teenager from the 90s remember????I think the way we got there was through a different road.

The Place.
I'm sure many of you all know that the indoor theme park use to be in the Highlands Hotel!!It was until three or four years ago that they move it to the newly built First World Hotel. Back then, the indoor theme park I remember had a bumper car for kids and one for adult. Then there was a Safari ride which was lame. All it had was wall painted with funny looking animals. Now I must say Genting modernized a lot. There is also one train ride and next to it a boat ride. Not the new boat ride at First World but a simple yet pleasant boat ride meant for kids. Then there was a motion master there in the indoor theme park and I remember next to it there was something like a space ride. Sadly I never got the chance to ride the space ride because last time I was short and by the time I got tall enough they moved the indoor theme park to First World Hotel *sob**sob*.

My old view of Genting.
I seem to always get the picture of a vending machine when I think of the old genting highlands.When I close my eyes ,I only see this only rectangle vending machine with Yeos drink like the lychee and chrysanthemum and soya bean. Those really old vending machine not like the new ones this day with the big coca-cola picture. I mean the really old ones where they actually use the drink box to represent the drink you choose. I love those vending machine. I think if you go genting now theres still one or two working ones in the lift areas. I wish I could see those vending machines forever.

My new Genting.
I must say I'm proud of what Lim Goh Tong's son has done to make Genting progress more and more. But I am also a shame of what he has done to the forest. Genting use to be peaceful and nice but then again when you think of all the GAMBLING and negative side. It really wrecks my view. But the bright side is the New First World Hotel and Plaza is GREAT!!!Oh yea......I must tell you if you choose to go to Goh Tong Jaya please enjoy the mamak there. They have the best roti canai that my dad and my bro and me and Weng Kit and Weng Fei enjoy. And the restaurant there is awesome. Try the shrimp omelletes and crispy sliced black sauce pork there.

So I guess Genting has changed alot in this few years and it will continue to change. One thing I now is it will always be in our hearts as a place of fun for Families, Friends, Lovers and even the kids who fight to get to the rides first ;)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Eating Of McDonalds.

Had an idea to eat the perfect mcdonalds in the perfect way.Well lets start with the basics of eating Mcdonalds in the best way. The easiest way to try McDonalds is by going for the fries. I'm sure everytime you receive your meal you would reach for the fries first. Most of the time I feel that a meal with just a burger is not satisfying. It has to come with the fries. So while eating the fries the best thing to do is not to eat it fast. I think eating it slowly enjoying it piece by piece would be just right. I think the yellow M on the Mcdonalds definitely represents the fries. I can have the fries without the burger but i cant have the burger without the great fries.So eat it piece by piece enjoying it as eating fast would only bring regret in the end .I strongly advice people not to add ketchup or chilli as it would greatly damage the awesome tas
A Double Quarter Pounder is two quater pounder together.This is my favourite food from Mcdonalds. The eating of this burger is like a relationship. I cherish every part of it. I mean on first bite you fall in love for it. You guys should really come here just to try this. It is twice the meat and twice the cheese. On first bite I knew this was it. This is my true food for the rest of my life. Anyways when eating a DQP my advice is to remove the pickles inside the burger. But there was once when I eat it and strangely it tasted very good. It actually brings a tang of sourness into it.But for beginners I advice you to remove it. Another way of eating it is to try at least once just the beef patty. There was once I removed the buns and just ate the meat patty and it was so good. There was a nice smell from the beef and the cheese just provided super extra taste while the meat provided the flavour itself.

Finally I think McDonalds should best go with a large coke. Not only does it fills your thirst but is also provides relieve from the saltiness that you get from the fries. So coke is definitely important in eating a McDonalds. Did you know McDonalds use to serve milk shakes. Imagine a thick drink. I tried a milk shake before and it doesnt go well with McDonalds.It just not like a refreshing coke.

Friday, October 17, 2008

J'attendrai (I will wait)

Too busy for many stuff now...Lately just lost the touch to post about futsal and other stuff. However I have been posting on another blog of mine. Random action stories. Those ideas just come in for my other blog. I post like three to four posts everyday!!! But right here I got nothing to post. My other blog is way better than this blog, though I created the other blog first.

Anyways I was gonna post on something special today.....J'attendrai means I will wait in french.....The reason I choose that is because recently I realize that things are worth waiting....I've got this little cousin who is running around now as I post...His small and so cute...He just learned to walk...When I saw him at the start of the year, all he knew was how to crawl and roll around. But now his walking around and sometimes falling. When he walks it seems like his having fun...Anyways I'm glad I was able to see him crawl and now walking around!!It was worth waiting...Maybe soon he would start to talk.......J'attendrai!!

Another thing is about love for me now......Wah love is everything everyone is on about....Like my brother you see him with a positive aspect of everything which is goood man....I never had a serious relationship before......maybe last time once in a while I would play some a bit.....go after one or two...see abit talk abit..But that was last year...Ever since I came here...I just lost the feeling....Too busy with my study....futsal.....and family stuff. So this tings I think would come......Hey I dont mine being single!!!I've seen people living life single and I've got no problem with that.. People who live for God are those that are really appreaciating life..Singles really do inspire me...The way joy of the Lord satisfy them by giving them strength and happiness...God makes everyone different....and I think God made some people single for some reason.....Plus heres a tip for those guys and girls......God maybe waiting for your time to be right....So J'attendrai!!! Be patient...

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Every time I close my eyes I seem to get flash backs of times not so long ago. I would usually see me sitting in Timothy's house on my last day in Malaysia, sitting on a stool jamming with the guys, standing next to my bro, Ju Liang and in front of Joel while serving in VBS. Having fun in Sunway Lagoon. Mafia during youth camp. Cendol before or after futsal. Thinking about times like that makes me smile.

The thing I hate about myself is that I don't appreciate things when I'm enjoying it. Everyday in school during recess and lunch I would go to the basketball court to play street soccer!! I think most probably next year when the Year 12 students like Maw and Karma are gone as they go to university I would miss playing soccer with them. They are good at skills and awesome in their own style. So I guess I should appreciate things before its too late.

Lesson of the day appreciate people before their gone, happy events while your going through and most importantly your many blessings in all times........

Futsal here is awesome man. I think God gave me a lot of blessings in my life during this 14 years. I go to school everyday. School starts with 2 45 minute periods then recess then another two period then lunch then another two till school ends. It's awesome cause during recess and lunch we play street soccer with the seniors. My bro plays as well. Some somalians come and the best players are Maw and Karma. Me and my bro are considered good there but there are a lot of people with different skills here. Then on Thursday and Friday evenings we have futsal in Ivanhoe and Macleod. Maw and Karma and some Macleod students play in the leagues too. Pretty fun studying here.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Here's my new haircut.......honestly I miss my old long hair...I wanted to post more pics of me when I was in Malaysia last year like the Life Game and Sunway Lagoon Trip photos but the memory card didn't work....sigh

Futsal Profiles.

Jeffrey Lee.
Player Biography-Jeff joined the futsal players in the early days at the ending of 2005 in Kuchai Lama. If I had not mistaken he played the position of keeper and defender in the starting games. He played a defensive role in the beginning of 2006 and participated in the league in Kuchai Lama in which Canaan won third place as a keeper and defender substituting Zheng Qiang then goal keeper.By the end of the year 2006 Jeff change into a much more offensive role of play by taking the position of midfielder and forward. Towards 2007 he had already participated in memorable matches for canaan. Currently he is playing with the remaining canaan members in the league in Kuchai Lama.

Notable goals-One of the goals I remember of Jeffrey was a normal training match in which he scored a great header that was thrown by the keeper. It was a side header that rebounded and wen't in. Jeffrey took the role of playmaking in many games.

As told by Clement- Jeff's contirbution to the game and his fellow teamates improvement was a lot. He played an important role in the game of futsal for the team and the futher growth of canaan futsal.

Futsal Profiles.

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Young Boy Corps is now introducing an all new program in this blog known as TAGGED. Everyones been doing it and my good pal Jeff tagged me and some people. Hope they all do it as well. I'm gonna personally add two futsal question in honor of this blog's dedication to the sport.

1 ) Are you allowed to have a bf/gf?
My parents won't stop me but I choose not to for now.

2 ) Describe urself in one word.

3 ) Who would you pick, someone who really loves you, or the one you love?
I pick someone I love who really loves me.

4) Have you ever loved someone BEFORE but never had the courage to tell him/her?
Erm..yea but I tell my best friends and they get the message around.

5 ) Does it feel good to love?
Yea other than the pain of rejection love feels good most of the time.

6 ) What's the best thing to do with the one you love?
Go travelling I guess....and spending time...precious time.

7) What will you say to someone who doesn't want to believe you??
why don't u believe me....huh huh huh?

8 ) Was ever a time that you tried to learn to love someone?
not really...unless I hated that someone.
9 ) What's your opinion about someone who's jealous?
A person is jealous because he admires you or wishes to be you.

.10 ) What would you say to playboys/playgirls?
eh come on lah ....stop it...make the world a better place.

[[ * PART 2 * ]]

1 ) Best place to cry?

2) Who do you love the most some gone and some remain.
3 ) Tell us about ur dream last night?
blurry but lately I've been dreaming about freestyle soccer alot.

4) Ever hated someone so bad?
never....I can't make myself hate a person to a bad point.

5 )The biggest & most hurtful lie you heard?
when I was younger my parents told me that all McDonalds were closed but it was a lie!!! i hate people lying to little kids.

6)you went to the movies with?
my bro yesterday....watched Eagle Eye....

7)you hugged?
myself and sometimes my pillow.

8)you yelled at?
Objects that hurts me like the chair my foot hit just now....sakit!!
In the last week have you..

~Kissed someone?

~Danced crazy?

think of the last time u were angry, why were u angry?
yesterday....can't really remember..something to do with the day before..

If you could do anything OR wish anything, what would it be?
have a career in sports or music .....I Love Goalkeeping.

If you could have an all expense paid trip, where will you go?
I would go to places I been to when I was younger like Genting, Goh Tong Jaya,and parts of HK And Macau.

Would you or have you ever blackmailed someone?
yea time but not really serious...kinda like play play..

Are you old fashioned?
Yea people reckon i'm an old soul...for my interest in oldies

What would be harder for you, to tell someone you love them or that you do not love them back?
To not love them back...

What thing would be the hardest thing for you to give up on?
Playing futsal and playing as a keeper

Greatest Goal.( for futsal players)
-My greatest goal is a slightly flying kick in the air after chesting a free kick crossed by my brother and then kicking it in while jumping it hit the middle top of the post and wen't in.

Greatest Goal Remembered-
Joshua's goal in which he kicks it in a very difficult position next to the goal post facing the corner.

7 Songs Playing in My Head Lately:
-Happy Together BY The Turtles
-In My Life-The Beatles
-To Be With You-Mr Big
-Grace Kelly-Mika
-Heaven is counting on you
-Have you ever seen the rain-Rod Stewart
-Mas Que Nada-Sergio Mendes

7 Words I Always Use:
Sure or not
Mas Que Nada
Joga Bonito
Wolah(somalian for hello)
Fidip (pass the ball in Somalian)

I tag...
Ju Ping

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Chinese New Year Blues...

Ahhh...Chinese New Year. If a stranger walks up to me and asks me to decided which festivities I like most CNY or Christmas or Valentines Day. I would choose CNY. The reason would be plain and simple. I love Christmas after all it is Jesus' birthday. Which makes it important but you know we only celebrate his birth once a year and not everyday as we should (its his birthday!). So I not satisfied with just one day of Christmas and Valentines Day I don't celebrate because ......well I simply can't.....I guess I too follow Weng Teik's opinion of POWER OF SINGLENESS. But Chinese New Year is simply different. I like the way we gather together for like around one week or two of festivities.

Great parts of CNY
-I like the snacks my mum makes for CNY. However because she was away in Australia for so long and when they came back they decided not to make it so I missed one year but it's the thought that they remember that counts I guess.
-I love the way my family switch on the air conditioner when all the relatives are around.
-We play card games and mahjong (I play too!) in the air conditioned room while eating snacks...
-Traditionally me,weng kit ,my bro and weng fei would gather and play playstation 2. For like three years in a row until recently since we all grown up.
-I love the dinners.
-Ang Pao's just two words Ang packets!

In the past I remember my older relatives told me that they had the same amount of fun living in the 9 level building in KL though they couldn't afford the stuff we had now. When I was a kid I did not like CNY so much like now cause last time when your young all they make you do is sit with them in the house while they celebrated. When I was 5 to 8 I did not eat much so dinners didn't matter , no card games,PS2 hasn't been created and my ang pao money my parent's would keep. But as I got older me and my close relatives could really celebrate. We could play games, play fire crackers and keep the ang pao we collect by buying stuff we like!!!!! So i guess it's much more fun when your older.

Since I'm grown up I truly feel the importance. Sharing the moment with your family , having a nice dinner. Visiting places once a year. A part of my CNY life was going to Genting. Yes the place would be packed!! but we stay in the apartment in the near the peak of Genting. Same cool weather but less people. We go to the theme parks in the day and go back to the apartment(Gohtong Jaya) at night. There was once me,weng fei,my broand weng kit stayed in an apartment to ourselves on a seperate block from the elders. We had the greatest time ever. We played games and playstation till early morning. Then late in the morning we walked to the other block for breakfast. At night we had steamboat. I think it is the feeling of freedom which brought us joy. Nowadays as we celebrate us youngsters do our own stuff sometimes we hang out with elders and sometimes we do stuff that we choose to. Which was the beauty of it.

CNY Future.
Not really sure about this but I can make promises for everyone. One thing I can tell you is as long as God allows me to reach the future of CNY. I would ensure continuous joy to my family and friends in the future. I think I will follow my families tradition of going to Genting Highlands. But I would be different with actually staying in Genting Highlands at the peak. Maybe occasionally if it's really packed I would choose GohTong as well. I will surely rent the house my dad bought a few years ago (hope the Genting people didn't touch it ....i wish to see my old toys!!).Maybe celebrations in Melbourne by then would be much cooler than now.

So I guess CNY would forever be the same if we choose it to be. Here a song you should check out in my imeem music playlist over there > its by sam hui track 2 on my playlist.In English it's called congratulations ! congratulations!. It's really meaningful and it brings much joy to me because I always hear it in my aunts car in February this year.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Game In The League...

Haven't been blogging like I use to lately. Recently life has been rather topsy turvy for me. Not only did things went wrongly but my life seem to be pushing me a little too hard. I thought after coming to Australia all the challenges I wen't through was gone. Like the climax of a story book just went and happy endings come. But no I was enjoying it then BANG...all these challenges and troubles comes to me again. Thanks to some post by Jeffery on his blog that was so interesting I decided to post about the joys in life again :)))) So heres a post about a game of futsal here in Australia. My team and I played recently. It came be considered our best and worst game.
First GAME.

NSFY(my team) vs Kew Boys. Ivanhoe League
The game started well with us maintaining position. First off all in my team our players were Clifford-Striker,Tony-MidFielder/Defender, Macca-Defender, Eugene-Striker and me as goalie. We played excellently with Eugene scoring the first one hitting the keeper but went in and a second goal by my bro we played well with leading 4 goals. Then suddenly Kew Boys started playing harder shots came and I made one diving save and one save with my knee. They had a free kick and I saved it by hitting it away with my lap on the floor. But one of the players came and shot a quick one that hit the tip of my gloves and wen't in. A few minutes later a player had a near one on one with me and I slided it away cleanly without contact with the player. But referee said that was a foul many players disagreed. So it was a penalty. Roughly five steps away from the goal. 14 year old keeper (me) against Kew Boys best leg. Ref blows his whistle and I noticed that his direction is trying to attack my left. So I took a step front and leaned to my right. The ball hit both my feet and went off. Everyone was surprised. First time a penalty saved in the league!!!!!!! Match then progressed well but because of a slight defender mistake they got the ball and shot it in. But in the second half only one goal got in and we scored another three goals. With the last one being a corner in the last ten seconds scored by Tony. So we won 7-3

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Future for me and for you....

Hey guys lately I have been thinking and dreaming. What would life be like if me and the canaan guys who play futsal would get a chance to actually taste the feeling of playing in EPL or spanish league or do stuff those professional guys do. I mean isn't it funny why we stand in such a far chance of playing for those leagues. We all have got skill. Trust me for our age we're beyond the people in Australia's level. All of us. But still why. I once imagined if I were to get a chance to put on a MU keeper jersey. A yellow one like Van Der Sar. With number one and the word K.M Choo (Choo Kok Min) on it. Guys I really hope that one day at least one of us would have a success in football or soccer. At least one of us. I mean the reason I think we stand a chance because we play futsal. Yes futsal builds your skills like dribbling and passing as well as shooting. Many stars started with playing futsal like Ronaldinho, Cristiano and even Pele. So dont worry if u think your not in a soccer team yet or your getting too old. Soccer is about your skills and your passion for it. I mean we've got talents like Brandon who defends like John Terry and Ju Ping our very own Cristiano. Other players like Joel, Benjamin and even my bro should get a chance. But still try and imagine what would it be like playing street soccer with those big stars like will be the day.....

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Songs In My Head.......

Songs has been influential towards me. Songs that remind me of friends, songs that seem to have a lot to do with me but at the same time doesn't involve me and most importantly songs that I sing for God. I guess everyone must have at least one or two songs that they never get tired of.

Some of these songs that I never get bored of are:
Yapun Wawa (Japanese Doll) by Sam Hui -This song was introduced by Daniel Mok during practice for VBS presentation. This song brings joy and yet sorrow for me. I remember practicing it in with at Ju Ping's house with Daniel,my bro,Ju Liang, Ju Ping and Weng Kit. We all practiced for the presentation. Like me kicking the ball in case I screw up in presentation day and also dancing around in circles with this song.

In the jungle by The Tokens- This song reminds me of my days with my aunt living in Sri Petaling while my parents were in Australia. It brings back memories of the six months.

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai sung by Udit Narayan- This song is like a anthem for me and my friends. Daniel gave me this song one day after sunday school. It was melodic and tuneful. This song reminds me of church and my last few days in Malaysia.

VBS Songs-Ever since VBS 2007 ended I started missing the songs and until now I would close my eyes or turn the lights off and play this songs imagining I was there jamming with the guys to this songs at church. Indeed this songs are very meaningful for me and to many other people.

Happy Together by The Turtles-Somehow this song always makes me smile though it has nothing to do with me. But it brings me this loving feeling somehow.

Mei Lan Wo Ai Ni -No explanation needed know.

Brimful of Asha-Loved this song since I was ten.

Big Yellow Taxi-Same for below.

Apologize-I don't like it but it leaves fond memories..

Tokyo Drift-Same for the song below.

Makes me Wonder-Personally I hate this song but for some reason it reminds me of the times I spent at my aunties house when my parents were away.

Cupids Choke hold-Same for the song above.

Kenangan Yang Terindah- Reminds me of going to school

Smack That-Reminds me of going to school in Victoria Institution...

You got a long way to go- Same for above.

You shook me all night long

This ain't a scene (Fall Out Boys)

Chinese Song translated called I don't know (Bu Zhi Tao) has a male and female singer.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Aussie Futsal.

Alright guys now I'm gonna introduce you guys to some of my friends who play futsal here in Melbourne. We all play in the play futsal league. Here are some players with their positions and specific style of playing. This are just a few from all the good players.

He plays the role of defender in my team NSFY United. He is also the captain giving orders to all the people that are very effective. His defending is so far the best I have seen in Australia. He is very well known in our league for being smart on the futsal court and also very good in passing and an expert in tackling in futsal style. He controls the court and the way the game goes on the offending and defending side. Macca plays with using his height and strength in advantage. He uses his heading ability with much accuracy. His ideas prove to be very useful and controls his team very well.

Karma Tshering.
One of the best runners I have seen here. His very tough in the courts and even stronger when we play street soccer in school everyday. This striker is one the second place on the golden boot for most goals in the B-league with around 20 goals scored. His partnership with player Maw is the best as he uses his speed to full advantage while Maw uses his ball control which blends well. But when playing by himself, he uses his strength to push through any defenders that stand in his way. He has 100% shooting accuracy with long shots. Karma doesn't prefer using too much fancy moves but instead uses his shots and power in running.

Maw Thaw Tun
He is the player with the most goals scored on the B-league and is very likely to be the best in the whole Play Futsal League. He is a showman using his dribbling skills and sharp shooting ability. Maw maneuvers through everyone with very little difficulty. He is very strong in ball control and has very good skills. In street soccer he plays with using his skills to his advantage and many times fool everyone who tries to dispossess him. Taking him on is not easy as he has precise knowledge in the way the ball should be controlled. His shooting is very sharp and strong. His partnership with Karma makes them the best players together in the strongest team possibly in the league. They blend running with futsal skill together.

He is a fast runner keeping things slow for a while and in a blink of an eye takes the ball right up and most of the time goes through everyone who comes in his way. Very strong in ball control and has the best stamina in running. What he uses in his advantage is the way he makes sure the ball is within his control and he is able to dispossess anyone who takes him on.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I just want to dedicate this post to a friend of mine who has now gone to be with the Lord. He taught me and everyone who knew him alot in his life and left alot of memories that will never ever be forgotten. Just want to thank him for all the things he had gone through that definitely inspires us all. He left me with alot of memories. I remember serving God with him the most. We served together in VBS and those were the happiest time I remember back in Malaysia. There was one time me,Weng Kit and my brother went over to his house at night where we practiced for a VBS presentation scene with Daniel and Ju Ping as well. Those were the happiest time I have ever had.

Ju Liang thanks for everything you have taught me in life and I enjoyed hanging out with you last time when we use to jam together. You were one of the greatest person I have ever met and definitely the strongest. Guess I will have to wait till God bring us all together again one day. Knowing that your now in a world where theres no more suffering and pain makes me glad but we would always remember you. Now when I think of the old songs we use to play , I feel sad but I know there are people who are going through a harder time then I am. Thanks again for everything good friend.

We will definitely miss you.

Farewell and Goodbye Ju Liang until we meet again soon.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

my ever changing hairstyles!!

Me With Church Friends from right Ju Yuan, Teacher Derek,Brandon, Me, Joel,Clifford,Austin,Benjamin,Ju Ping and Daniel Mok. Scroll down this blog to see this in bigger size...
Me with 90s hairstyle.
Me with random morning hair.
Me with glass I won in Futsal. Runner Up Mens league
Current Look..................

Friday, August 1, 2008

Football vs Futsal vs Street Soccer

Well just to let you know, I'm having fun playing futsal here in Australia. I play in two mens leagues here. Very challenging because all grown ups versus me a small 14 year old. But sure if all my canaan friends come and play here we will dominate the game . So far I won a under 14s gold medal and a men league runners up trophy (glass).As Im speaking now I think I would need your prayer as I just injured my leg. If its not too much because just now there was a game as I slided the player he stepped on my right leg. So positive I saved a cool one on one but negative was now the inner side of my leg hurts alot. Pray that God will make sure nothing go wrongs. Thanks.

Anyways this topic Im talking about here is a battle of the difference of the three types of sports that I have played so far.Football (outdoor), Futsal(Indoor) and Street (jalan).

Football passing takes effort but in the game football passing is not as hard as street or futsal. In football you must can pass at a wide range just as long as the ball gets close enough to your partner. Its easy because the field is so large many times just by aiming at a certain place within your friends vicinity would be just fine. In this game you can choose to cross as high and as far as you want as long as it stays in. For this game passing and crossing would take strength and slight accuracy in shooting but not as important.

Futsal takes alot in passing. This is important for all players because futsal is about pint point passing. You must pass directly to your team mate. It must not be just near him it must be right at him.Crossing would take extreme accuracy as the court is so small. Passing would be harder because your opponent would be so close to you that sometimes you have to use style and skill even in passing. You must pass with special moves like using back leg passes, skill passes and all that.

Street Soccer
This is actually very easy but takes a little knowledge too. Street soccer has no outside line even in competitions which means passing would be easiest. Sometimes even when your way is blocked you may find a way to pass just by kicking to the sides if there is a wall in order to reflect to other team mates.

In football dribbling you would need nothing but stamina and ball control. The reason stamina is needed is very obvious because of the size of the field. Skill may be effective but most players in football would use speed to dash up going side by side instead of spinning with skill. Football dribbling would need your stamina when your running through the field.

Skill dribbling would be the most effective however running up is also very useful. Futsal needs skill dribbling because players are so close to each other going through them would take your skills when you spin or use whatever to your advantage. Stamina would be needed if your a team player running up and down but not as much as football. dribbling may be effective but I feel that strong passing is way better because dispossession would be lower because of pint point passing.

Street Soccer.
Since playing street soccer in my school I understand dribbling would be definitely hard but some people use the no outside rule to their advantage simply by just running on one side because there is no out they will most likely walk towards their sides and some would lean on the wall to run. This is effective to most people . Street soccer would not take as much fault as futsal and football even in competitions of street soccer pushing and sometimes shoving seems normal unless its a very hard violation which is why some strikers are strong when they dribble through pushing or ramming through their way.

In football you are given the opportunity to slide anytime you want. Sliding is permitted in football for everyone as long as no one gets hurt. Defends use this to their advantage to stop strikers simply sliding off the ball. The sweeper would most likely do the job. That is why as a defend your main goal is to regain possession or controlling the game. Defends in football have a harder job because of a wide field but their advantage is the permission to slide tackle.

Futsal defending would be the hardest because you cannot slide. The defends in my church have developed a effective way which is using their knowledge in the player like when the striker would blast or when he would try to go through. Futsal defenders must be smart in tackling and taking shots. As well as perfect passing which is most important for a defender. They must be able to know when to put their feet in to dispossess or when to jump and take a blast.

Street Soccer
Defending would be the easiest here. Just brace yourself for a shot or use your strength to counter attack or knock a striker.

I have actually tried football goalkeeping over here in Australia. It is easy when you can jump high. Trust me it is different from futsal. In football no players would walk in one on one with you. Most of the time because of the size of the field when they get close enough they will take a shot and many would not walk in close to close to the keeper. If your a futsal keeper you have a advantage because your use to taking one one one situations. But most importantly is your ability to jump high enough to save a goal or fast enough to dive.You must have a strong kick and throw.

You must be smart in taking one on one situation. It is very different from football because you have to take important one on one situations. And because the futsal court is so small counter attack is very fast. One minute you can be standing watching your team mates trying to score the other minute you would be saving shots from opponents. Which is why goals may be higher and harder to save. You have to be extremely fast for the game for shots. Accuracy in throwing and ability to take one on one and low shots are very important. The size of the goal post is extremely big for a size of the court.

Street Soccer
Street goals are most of the time very short but very wide which makes saving easy during long shots but very hard for one on one and low shots.You must be evn quicker in diving but you must be seriously crazy to dive or slide in street soccer because the floor is made from the streets which is rough and hard.