Sunday, November 23, 2014

Letter to my younger self.

Now that no one bothers with blogging I think this would be a good time for me to reflect on life in general. Browsing through some of my older posts really got me thinking about how much things have changed since my last post. Man I really do cringe whenever I read some of those lame posts that I made public for the whole world to see. But at the same time there is this side of me that refuses to delete or alter the posts. I reckon it's cause deep down inside without a doubt that that was the past and nothing you can do could change the things that you've done and the experiences that your actions have created for the people around you. In this case those people would be someone like you :) my dear reader Hello there and thank you so much for stumbling upon my crappy blog. You may have been doing what I had just been doing a few minutes ago. Looking through some older posts by your friends or perhaps if you were as narcissistic as I am you would have been looking at your own posts thinking why couldn't I have been cooler. Not sure how long will it be till this post would be read by another person other than myself. Maybe clem from the future is reading this. Perhaps some 4-5 years from now :) your alive be happy and thankful. If you are a reader other than clem do leave me a smiley or just a random hey just so I can this post won't simply be me talking to myself :p Anyways the objective of today's blogging activity is a reflection or a letter to my fat hypocritical shy bad tempered 15 year old teenage self. Whaddup kid. It's clem from the future telling you that things are not as disastrous as they could be. In other words your greatest dreams are yet to be fulfilled but nevertheless know that things are still awesome because the people you care for the most (depending on the mood your in this would typically be individuals like your folks and siblings) are healthy , safe and happy. Great news your parents have just recently sold the shop in fern tree fully :o :) :D . Yea my thoughts exactly. I guys you were right and I reckon even dad would acknowledge that a certain extent you may have been just the tiniest puniest bit correct in your notion that leaving Heidelberg was a god awful idea and the new shop won't be successful.but your parents are free now in 2014 :) god has provided. Oh btw you came bac to church and your now officially a bible thumping youth leader who gets less than 2 hours of sleep on weekends cos your practising for worship. Instead of being a stinge and hiding your money in your drawers you are now a foolish stinge who gives weekly to the church building fund declaring God I'm poor but that's ok cos food and money pops out here and there :) Just kidding you do enjoy being in church and meeting some amazing people in your life. So you'll probably be wondering at this stage what does your teenage years have installed for you. Perhaps even what will I be studying in uni and stuff. I'll answer the uni but cos it's quite and interesting story you go through. Brace yourself. So if My memory serves me right you were thinking of becoming a lawyer. Congrats you did make it into law school at Monash University. You wasted your year 12years banging into them books. Ye sure you did get some accolades and some money from scholarships too but guess what that wasn't enough for you :p. You actually quit law/biomed school ye you did a double degree to chase after a silly little dream of becoming yes the clich├ęs of all asian cliches a Docta. As of 2014 you chucked away a massive 35k law scholarship yes 35k coughs* idiot to go study radiotherapy cos you think this is a better way to get into graduate medicine. Perhaps it'll be a good idea to change career plans and stick to journalism you'd be happier I reckon ;) Anyways teenage years. Your gonna make many different friendship groups some you think wow they are awesome and we will be besties for life but then you think man all these people do is drink and blergh and drink and blergh some more. But you still see them when you feel like doing the odd blergh yourself. But there are still those friends you known all along perhaps even one of two acquaintances your not really close too but end up being super close to