Friday, March 28, 2008

Music of Canaan

After the posting the future of Canaan, an idea came to me after having some flashbacks of my life in Canaan.
What came to me was that the church I grew up in was was always encouraging people to serve but the choice was in their hands whether to do it or not.So just to tell more about serving God and the memories and all these people who have served God.Canaan has a long and unique history in serving.Moments that inspired others and moments that created a whole new meaning in serving.I'm going to describe a person that I know and by the way he serves and inspires others.You do not need to understand this post as it is something I decided to put as my tribute to serving God in the music side as my memories fade .So this is my diary to help me remember which means I'm also posting it for my own purpose and for others who could understand what it's like.

What intrigues me most of Canaan's service on the music side? Other than it's long history ,ever eager volunteers and all the pioneers that led and created new ways .There were many pioneers who did their own thing and how they feel could be a new way to serve God.Our church has alot of these ever eager to serve pioneers.Song leaders,Musicians,Dancers and PA personnel who have all served God.

Peter:He has served God for as long as I have first seen him serve.The memories of serving with him that I had was during the 2007 VBS and the times we were call out to do action on Sunday School.I would usually be called out(mostly because of hiding when they were looking for volunteers and Peter would come out and volunteer).One of the important pioneers of song leading.
Life in Service:Peter served since he was a young boy .I have known him since the first day he came to our church.He was already serving when he first came when one of the song leaders requested for a dancer to help.Soon at the age of eleven he served as a back up but he served as a song leader when he was twelve the next year on Sunday School.He already started serving in Hosanna Kids but took Sunday School on 2005.One of the things identical for Peter is his dance moves while serving.He seems to be able to remember all of it .Whenever I have serve with him I was never able to remember the steps but Peter was able to do it anytime.Which is one of his trademark skills in serving.Peter has always been ready to serve,dance and lead for God.

Peter's quotes and trademarks:
-His dance moves
-Peter:Alright....anyone wants to do the action.....raise their hands.....All rite I Do!....

Quotes from friends:
"Peter has always been ready to serve God.My first impression of him was he was ever ready to serve and yea the actions he do"Clement.
"He serves very good kinda like the other adults who serve"Melissa.
"Always ready to serve God at anytime and anywhere"Weng Kit.

Peter served with his brother Jeffrey in Sunday School.His brother served as a back up which is a start.This makes another brothers in service.
Peter has sing in many Intermediate VBS productions his most famous ones were his song "A Long Long Time Ago" and the 2007 VBS production as the pastor who sung "Jesus has died and rose again".
He also served as a back up singer and as a song leader on Game Day Central Worship.

Daniel Mok:Daniel has been serving for as long as I knew him.I believe he first started serving as a song leader or back up in YTU worship and slowly started serving as a guitarist.Came 2006 he decided to serve as a song leader for Sunday School.Though he only started serving after he came to the church for a while but he was easily recognizable.Daniel served God as well as he could give the Lord.He tends to be able to get straight to the point when giving messages but still was entertaining to see him serve.After receiving water baptism he started serving as a back up for English worship.Daniel was one of the back ups and song leader for Game Day Central.Daniel was also a regular MC for many events and church performance .He and Leena has been serving as the MC for two VBS presentation for 2006 and 2007.Daniel is well known for being able entertain and make people smile on Sunday School despite his age.New members would never have thought that a teacher of his age could serve like the way Daniel does which is sometimes surprising for people.As of 2006 Daniel decided to lead the intermediate actors and actress for his known funny musicals like the presentations on 2006 and 2007 where many of his friends took part in acting.His been serving with alot of his friends on worship and VBS like Clifford,Brandon,Clement ,Ju Liang and many others .

Quotes from friends:"What can I say his inspired alot to serve and his a great song leader and MC.Yea he did well leading us on VBS".
"I dont know.....His good and very reliable......Great serving with him."Clifford.
"Mok, Daniel is the author of the international best sellers as well as numerous other equally interesting but unequally selling short stories, poems and personal accounts of his life stories that both inspire, amuse and entertain to various degrees.Ok la... actually that guy ah... very nice wan... although he looks like a clown but inside... is also a clown... deeper inside... his life ambition is to be a clown... if u dig deep enough and reach that small little engine that runs the whole body you find out that it's quite warm inside actually. Yeah, nice and warm. And that's what counts."Zhi Yong.

-Daniel's elder brother is serving as a drummer and song leader for English Worship.
-Daniel lended his voice in the song "Long Long Time Ago"singing with Peter.
-The VBS presentation took so much work that they spent the three after VBS reherseals with the actors and actress and Clement went to practice his role along with Weng Kit and Clifford at night around 10.00pm at Ju Liang's house.

Yee San:He began serving in 2007 as a PA technician along with his friend Weng Kit.I remember him as always being able to help musicians and song leaders anytime.He has always been able to figure out problems with his friend Weng Kit.They served together in 2007 during VBS.Yee San handled the challenge with no problem.He has always tried his best in serving.He is serving as a PA technician on in English Worship.

Quotes:"Always ready to serve .His up for the challenge ,only serving GOD"Weng Kit.
"Yee San to me is a guy who serves and gives the Lord his best and thats him."Clement.

Weng Kit:He has served as PA technician from the start of 2007.Weng Kit served throughout all the challenges and many times solving him with his friend Yee San.He always wanted to serve as a PA personnel ever since he saw his brother Weng Fei serve.He took it very seriously and always remembered that he was serving God.He started serving in 2006 for a Christmas function and soon volunteered to be a PA technician for English Worship.His brother however was serving in the chinese department.Weng Kit took on many challenges like being given the role as head for the PA team for 2007 but he insists that he and Yee San took on the same challenges together and he was the PA technician who did mostly everything from setting up to funtioning for the 2007 Malaysian Baptist Youth Camp which was major .He is currently serving God as a PA technician for English Worship along with Yee San .

"I always seen Weng Kit as the one who could do his best as long as it's for God.He would give his best for God".(Clement)

"Weng Kit's good man.He has served God well".(Clifford)

Ju Liang,Clifford,Teng Teng,Joel and Clement:This is the group that played on VBS 2007.What made them identical as they performed together for the whole week without changing.Through
the challenges they try to make things better and always remember to serve God only.

Ju Liang:He started serving as a bassist for English worship but practiced electric guitar at home.He went for lessons and soon started serving God as a musician.He served as a bassist on Ramblin Road Trip and on 2007 served with friends as the lead and electric guitarist taking on important riffs.Most notably ABC Peak, One and Gameday Central Theme Song leading the intro. His rip roaring solos are very notable and easily recognised as the trademark of a song. Ju Liang's guitar blends very well with Clement's supporting acoustic,Clifford's bass running and Teng Teng's keyboard plays. During the 2007 VBS he decided to explore new sounds on his electric guitar which gave a whole new sound to the songs.

Clement:He very seldomly served as guitarist but has played since he was ten.The earliest time he had served was at a youth program when he played My Redeemer Lives which many thought was good and suggested he start serving.After requesting to helpout for VBS Clement spend most of his time going through the songs bringing majority some of the chords. His notable for supporting mostly everyone ranging from the pianist to basslist with his acoustic prefering to strum hard on fast songs and take droning chords on slower ones.He is recognised on Yesus Pokok with strumming and blending sustains and One accompanying the pianist on the first verse.

Clifford:He started as a guitarist at of thirteen learning from Ps Siew Teng and soon started for serving as a guitarist for hosanna kids and after a preformance he was asked to serve at Sunday School .Clifford then has an interest when he saw Timothy serve.So he decided to serve as a bassist for English Worship.Before the 2007 VBS Clifford had not knew that he was the bassist thinking someone else was but during the practice sessions he was assigned.His notable for his running on every songs and his bass play on Yesus Pokok opening with Ju Liang.He chose to give the bass a louder sound which was great for the worship.

Teng Teng:She was like the main arranger of the songs.She played the keyboard very well doing important parts of the song.She was the one who changed the Yesus Pokok arrangement and suggested the notable opening part of the song.She was responsible for training the worship team and was the one who suggested the parts to play.

Phoebe:Pianist of the 2007 worship had served as a pianist for a long time at church.She had the responsibility to come up with most of the notes which were not equiped when given.She did very well on the worship.Playing important parts on the songs.

Joel:Most notable for many opening Joel's drumming is very solid and suitable for the songs he played.He is most notable on the songs such as Yesus Pokok,Raise Some Praise which showed alot of his unique style in playing.He used his strength to the fullest while playing.Joel mixed alot of his drumming with the guitarist ,pianist and basslist.He was very quick when playing which is a benefit for him while playing.His friends always knew Joel was the one suitable for most of the songs which Joel layed an important part on.

-On the 2007 presentation day video which is showed on the starting the song Yesus Pokok.Clement can be seen whispering to Ju Liang after the song that he broke his strings on the guitar after strumming it too hard.
-Joel missed half of the worship on the 2007 presentation day after having to attend a basketball tournament but attended half way through the worship.
-Clement,Phoebe and back up Peter were students attending VBS while serving as musicians and back up.
-Clement and Peter took part on the presentation at the show David Beckham Goes To VBS.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Future Canaan Must Know It.

I will move to the older youths of canaan now.Their over 20 now so by then would be above 30.Careers,Family and Relationship this are all they are all in their head but God is always first for them.So here we go on a trip to the future and see whats it all about.Would it be exciting? This is the right place for you to check out.These people I'm writing about are now working and some studying in college and university so how would they be like in ten years.

Daniel Mok:Principal Daniel Mok would definitely be serving.Leading the church in many services this former intermediate and youth teacher would become a Sunday school principle I can tell.He would be serving with his old students and by then friends and fellow teachers Brandon,Austin,Clement and others.Song leading in English worship Daniel would be busy with his career but with God as number one then his family and cendol which by then would be a tradition for his old friends. They would meet at the cendol restaurant run by the old truck Indian mans.They would constantly talk about the past and he would be driving a new car and his Classic Edition Myvi which by then would be a classic model.He would continue serving with his "family members" the Moks.

Zhi Yong:No more going back to Seremban because his studies were long over.He would serve God with his best though work would be stressful with all the work and the learning of new cures for diseases and cancer yes cancer .Busy with work,family and life he would continue serving at church as a pianist training future generation to serve God.At free times he would hang out with all his pals Daniel,Deric,Timothy,Clifford,Ju Liang,Clement, and all though all of them busy but still Canaan friends.He would definitely be serving God with his best.

Zhi Zheng:Life would be busy for her but God will always be number 1.The teacher for Beginner class and English Worship song leader would serve God.She would be busy with everyday life family,and career but she would be serving God in many ways like the newly open Canaan Coffee shop and many other department like children training union to help teach children about serving.In the future she would be the same in serving God.Always prepared, and ready to serve with all she can.

Ju Liang:In the future he would serve as the electric guitar teacher teaching interested students to play Christian Songs and would be serving in the recruitment department.He would give the lord his best.Hanging out with his friends on Sundays .Work,Family and Service would be a success for him.Jamming with old friends Clement,Clifford,Joel,Daniel would be a yes.Futsal,Cendol and all the traditions.This Sunday school vice principle would continue to serve the Lord.

Yi Biing:This chinese Sunday school principle would be serving God in many ways.Organizing future events for the church and helping out at any department.She continues to hang out with old friends though busy with life,family and career.She would still be joining friends for lunch either at Canaan Coffee Shop ,Golden Chopstick(which by then would be like Good Tea) and other old and new places.Talking about the past and old friends.She would still be serving God.

Deric Mok:Still serving as a drummer for English Worship.He would be serving as a church leader. As an adult by then life would be slightly different with work and family but this leader would be leading in many departments of the future church which would have many departments that need help.Deric still spends time with friends and they still do the same thing.But the restaurant they use to go to like KLFC,Golden Chopsticks and other Char Chan Teng would be outdated by then with new restaurants which only time will tell but serving God is a yes for Deric.

Weng Teik:He is still serving in the youth department.Giving guitar lessons and yes he would be serving in many other department. I believe in the future many department at our church Weng Teik can help out with.Either at VBS,youth events and all.Working and family life would be tiring but I'm confident he would still serve the Lord with all he can.Hanging with friends in the future new malls and places to look forward to.Weng Teik enjoys chatting with friends after church.Still hanging out with old friends Daniel,Ah Khong,Deric,Clifford ,Zhi Yong ,Clement and Weng Kit but by then the younger ones would all have cars!!! which means there will probably be new younger members hanging out with them.

Jhow Weh:Still as friendly as he is now Jhow Weh will continue serving as a church leader.Leading the youths and serving as a Sunday School teacher.Jhow Weh enjoys serving the Lord.Together with his family Jhow Weh serve whenever possible.Helping as song leader and musician(guitarist).Jhow Weh would be working very hard but still giving God his best.He enjoys talking with his friends joining his friends at camp in the future.I look forward to see him serving in the English department too as a guitarist and song leader.

Ei Wei:Future vice principle of the chinese Sunday School would be busy with life,career and family. But she would definitely serving God and spending time with her friends and their family.Helping as one of the teachers of chinese beginner.She woulds serving as a song leader for chinese worship.She still enjoys chatting with friends.In the future she would serve in organizing church camps and maybe by then we would be going Genting Highlands(my dream) and other exciting places.She would definitely be serving God.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Future Canaan Lets See It!Part 2

To continue now I will talk about the slightly older young youths around sixteen-twenty now.They are serving now.Some in the musical department others leading their friends and some sharing. But in the future who knows some might be preaching,some on missionary trips and some busy with life . Lets see.
Joshua Lim:His future is very clear for me.he would be serving as a back up and song leader for sure.We would see him serving in the chinese or english department.Hanging out with friends after church.Though working would be hard he will put God first.Our church extansion would be done by then , he and other future church leaders would plan for more.Bringing in more new members.Personal life would be busy but spending time with church family is a must for him.He would be 27 by then would he be standing outside the beginners class.He will continue serving in many ways just like our current leaders.

Benjamin Khor:Working in a major company is for him in the future.But he would continue giving God his best.Serving as a teacher possibly for older youths.He would be serving as a youth leader.He would be helping out anywhere that needs help at church. Who knows how Canaan would expand in the future. There might be buses dropping people to church.We might have stop the old van driving and moved on.But for sure Benjamin would help out.Futsal would be a yes for Benjamin hanging out with his friends talking about good old days.

Clifford: Young leader Clifford would deffinitely continue serving in the musical department along with his friends,brother and new members.He would spend time leading the futsal team which by then would have been strong.Hanging out with his friends in the new Canaan Coffeeshop(Char Chan Teng) where all the youth of Canaan including Clement,Jeffrey and Brandon serve to help raise money for more future Canaan expansion in ministry ideas after church.He would teach in sunday school as well.As a class teacher for older youth with Benjamin and Ju Ping.Personal live is a sure .70%married 25%long term girlfriend and 5% new girlfriends.
Helping his brother in Australia.Continue serving God.

Ju Ping:He is serving as an english worship drummer.Sunday school older youth teacher and still a Canaan Futsal Player.He would be one of the Church leaders giving new ideas, and organising a lot of church things like bus organising,camp and many activities. He would always help out Clement whos leading a Canaan Baptist Church in Australia and help the future events that are coming.He would have a great career and success.The Lord will guide him and yea same as Clifford in personal life.

Weng Kit:PA leader Weng Kit would bring in alot of new equipment for the church.He will have a good career as a modern car engineer.Work would be stressful as his working for a successful company.He would give God his best and his work the rest.His going to bring and helpout alot at church .He and Yee San will work hard leading the PA team.He also helps Clement with the Canaan Baptist Church satelite broadcasting to the Australian Canaan Church.Joining his friends everysunday afternoon and saturday youth training union.Futsal is a yes to him. His personal lifewill be good and he will certainly be driving the best car there is in and out of the market. Married or in a relationship would be up tp him.Only time will tell.But he will continue serving God.

Joel:Joel would continue to serve as a good drummer. His career life would be perfect.He would serve anywhere at church.Leading the youth and teaching as a teacher at chinese and english sunday school.He continues to play futsal with his pals.He would help at major events the church is having.Personal life would be good.I can say that it would be the same as Clifford.Serving God is a yes for him as the church expands more departments will be needing help.

David Lim:He will be serving for sure at church. This future church leader will serve at the chinese side and english side.I look forward to see the future because I belive that David has much potential in serving.

Canaan Older Young Youths:There is potential at the chinese side for the girls as more doors open at the church they will soon be teaching and serving in many ways.Youth service will definitely be a yes for them.And over at the English side there people ready to serve as well such as Grace Yeap and Lillian Wong who are both potential.Grace would certainly follow her sisters in serving God.She would help as a teacher and song leader at the english worship and youth training union.

As time goes we would not be able to remember the past so lets appreciate it now before we can't. A word of advice my friends is that you learn to appreciate each other while you can before it's too late.Before you get hooked up in work,relationship which can wait and family.Before it all happens ,love the time you still have before it all ends.Trust me when it's over you will miss it.The fun times,the laughs and before the farewell enjoy having your friendsbefore it's too late.Don't wait and go share your time with each other before you regret it.I hope that in the future the bond we share now as friends will continue.The youth will share service with the older adults which is the current english worship.I hope that there will be no youth service on Sundays because sharing with the adults is fine and close together .Unity we share now don't break it.Don't seperate into Adult service ,Older Youth Service,Young Youth Service and Children Service .Share it as ONE TOGETHER.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Future Of Canaan Can You Wait For It !Part 1

This is strictly for Canaanites because they are included. If theres anyone I left out tell me on the cbox.All right for years I have been thinking about the future what would it be like in Canaan. Would we be exactly like the Canaan Youth Leaders like Daniel,Ju Yuan,Wen Cheng, and Zhi Yong . Would they be like the young adults at church by then . Then would the current young adults like Timothy, Deric Mok ,Teacher Pei Yiing and Weng Teik be adults and for some older adults. What would it be like.Well heres your ticket to see it only on Young Boy's Site are you ready.

First of all lets discuss the young youths now. They have ambitions and dreams but this post about the future is not so far away in the future but only around maximum 10 years so they would probably be working, some studying and most probably would not have start a family yet.So hear are my predictions that "might" come true though it also stand a chance not to.
Young Youths-Youth Leaders:
Jeffrey:He would most probably be working or doing his job that he chooses to do. He would definitely be a church leader leading the future generation.He might also serve as a youth leader maybe president. But for sure he will continue the Canaan Futsal Legacy maybe as a captain. His future daily activities would be work , work ,work and he will begin to realize school was fun and easy but on weekends he will lead the future young youths(Jason and Joshua;teacher Brandon's kids, and other very young Canaan kids now who would be teenagers by then. I'm confident that he would be dating cause I now him for years now.Most probably someone from church.Sunday after church meet up with Old Canaan Futsal Gang and talk about the past,business and politics just the same as now.

Jason:24 By then.He would be very successful I can tell.He would be one of the church member always ready to help just like his parents now. I can see that he would be working also.He would get a good career.Most likely be joining the future Canaan Youth Leaders every week participating with their activities .Still close friends with Jeffrey and Clement .He would definitely be driving a car.Great driving abilities I can tell.Relationships same as Jeffrey remember 24.

Brandon: Teacher Brandon for sure.This is one of the most potential church leader.Definitely intermediate Sunday school teacher like Daniel and all the current young teachers.He would be teaching his own class for sure.Somehow I can see him song leading in English Worship.Still joining his friends for futsal on Sundays.His career is going to be great he would be 26 by then so my prediction is ...............same as Jeff and Jason .26

Clement:Definitely a youth leader.Serving God in the musical department and recruit centre.His going to serve his best at Canaan Baptist Church as a Sunday school teacher for Intermediate behaving like his students.He will be trying his best as working as a church leader leading a Canaan Baptist Church in Australia and constantly flying back to Malaysia(AirAsia) to teach,lead and serve.He would be driving his dream car a Volkswagen Beetle most likely Yellow.Would he be dating..........45% yes ,50%married and 5% still complicated must be confident.Definitely playing futsal with his pals.He would try his best leading the church.Futsal would be a yes for him.He would always be coming up with plans for the church in Australia.He would be working as a lawyer which is his choice of a career.But he would continue serving God.

Austin Hii:This future businessman would be working very hard but with God in his heart he would be teaching the Youth class bringing colour,fun and most importantly the word of God to his class leading future younger youths is a for sure.Definitely playing futsal as the undefeated Blast King.He would be driving a very,very,very nice car.My predictions Mercedes if it is still the best by then,BMW or .......a family sedan.

Yee San:Still the same Yee San we know.Fun,Adventurous and always putting God first.He would definitely be in the PA team with Weng Kit.Maybe he and Weng Kit will be in charge bringing in better equipment better sounds and most importantly following their moto "You serve God not people".Yee San will be a potential leader at our church His career is going to be good for him.He would like most people at his age be in a relationship 26 and serving in YTU is a sure thing .Joining his friends Daniel,Clement,Clifford,Weng Kit,Joshua and all for Sunday activities.

Peter:This boy is going to grow up to be on of the most influential leaders in church.I am very confident that he is going to serve God with the best he can give.Potential youth leader,Sunday School Teacher with Brandon,and Clement to the intermediate class.He would definitely be serving as a song leader for Sunday School, Hosanna Kids Worship and English Worship for sure.Joining all his pals every Sunday.He would achieve all his "goals" and dreams .Great career.He will continue to serve God.

On the Girls Side of Younger Youth:
Tiffany,Melissa,and Rachael:I wrote them first because I believe that they have alot of potential to be a church leaders like their parents and because their from the Chinese side.Most importantly their career would be a success.She would definitely be a youth leader at our church which I'm confident they will be.My future predictions for them is that they will put God first and 50-50 to all of them in their personal lives in the future.

Faith,Phoebe,Yen Lynn,Jane Yeap and Angela Hii:This are the potential English side leaders. Each of them serving different areas at Canaan.For Phoebe I'm confident she would serve as a pianist thats for sure,a song leader,Sunday School Teacher most probably Youth Class) and serving God in many ways like her parents,Faith serving God in the musical department is what I hope she would take because I believe she has alot of potential, a Sunday School Teacher most likely Beginners with Angela.Jane Yeap would be like her sister Joyce.I believe she can serve very well as a youth leader and teach on Sunday School Junior Class.She has alot of potential to be a church leader. Yen Lynn is definitely a church leader,as a youth leader serving God ,she would definitely be serving in the musical department(good guitarist),song leading and serving God in many other ways .Angela would be a very good Sunday school teacher which I am confident she would do well in Beginners,serving God as a pianist,song leader,and Youth Leader.Their personal lives is up to them.I will list their careers after asking them.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Future Posts Under Your Choice

Here I am to tell all of you to tell me what you want me to put in to a post.If you don't have anything in mind here are a few choices that you can vote for me to put in.1Canaans answer for musicians ,actors and singers a basic different and fun view of people who have served God and took a big step in service which will be a giant leap for music in serving God in Canaan. 2Future predictions I am thinking of in mind for you and all of you and as a bonus what would happen and what would Canaanites be like .It will be about me matching people unoffensively and putting my ideas of career for them in a nice point of view .Make a Choice ,Take a Choice ,Wait for the Choice and Enjoy your Choice.