Sunday, March 22, 2009

This is a new song I wrote called How Does She Know. The song came to me last year but I decided to write and record it today. Hope you like it. I really do hope you will subscribe to my videos and continue listening to my songs. I really appreaciate all comments that I get. The important thing is that you guys enjoyed it.

How Does She Know (Original Song)
How does she know
That you deeply love her
How would she find out that
I wish we were together

How does she know?
How does she know?
That I deeply wish to show I love her

And in the streets,I could hear them sing
The joy of love it seems to bring
As I sat there watching all alone
Hoping someday you'll be my very own

I wish you knew
That I deeply love you
But I can't seem to find my way too
Tell you that my heart was true

They say I love you cause your beautiful
I know your beautiful cos I love you

Boys and girls all gather around
They see each other and so love is found
But still I haven't got a single clue
To find my way to open up with you

The sun is shinning and our days are warm
But still the ice between us stands so strong
I know my hands are reaching on to you
Cause its your eyes thats pulling me through

I see you everyday but do you see me?
Cos just a glimpse from you would set me free
They say I probably should just be myself
But deep inside I'm still somebody else

How Does She Know?
"To be Nervous...Is to be human" Mr Hargreaves.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

I'm A Dead Man

This is another pointless and lead-to-nowhere post. This is a secret about me that I'm confessing now to come clean. Since roughly around November of 2008 or so. My relationship with my family took a downturn. I started talking back in cheeky and sarcastic ways. It seems like all these years of watching John Lennon's cynical and witty rebellious attitude, I'm starting to rebel and question the authority that has always been right. I now rebel and fight back at whatever that displeases me. In a way, I am becoming a outcast or as my Dad would say "Invisible Boy". I don't blame any of them.I now confess and admit, that I have broken or totally pushed away the biggest commandment. *Obey your parents*. I think all this disagreement started a few months ago.I was happy when I first came to Australia. Matter of fact I was happy until roughly around mid August.

At that point, I was grateful that I looked up and said " Thank you lord" "What could be better than this life I have now". During that time, I was studying in my old school. Macleod College. I was happy and cheerful. Then my parents came up wity an idea of moving to a place that was very far away from my old school which led to me being force to change to a new school which I'm not too happy about. And that was when I first started turning against. I behaved terribly. I am very sorry for doing it and have and am now coming clean.

The reason this title is called I'm A Dead Man is not because I'm embracing death as something cool or hip or whatever the young lads would have it. A few days ago, we were chatting peacefully after dinner at a restaurant. I was holding back on my hate-boy attitude and did not make any bad comments. So one of them were talking about when I was younger.We remembered my old look which included a nicely combed hairstyle.I acknowledged and laughed but I remember my Dad said "You were so different back then". I admit it was true and started thinking. All those things I did in the past. I realized that my person totally changed the second I stepped on the escalator in KLIA with Weng Kit, Daniel and my family fare welling us.

I now feel that at that point. The young simple look. Easy going. Kind. Family and friend loving person just died. Yes...I really feel that way. Looking at my old videos in 2007 . Vbs and all tat. I now feel like I'm watching a person who had died. My memories may last for me but not for everyone of my friends. I died in my world and seemingly fade away slowly in their world. Yes I do have friends that do stay the same. But this few weeks got me thinking if I killed myself by leaving. Did Clement Choo as my friends once remembered died the minute he walked away.No one is to blame but me. I feel like a murderer who killed the young playful person. I killed my friendly attitude,killed my love for friends,family and my love. Perhaps I'm to blame if the people I use to be with changed. Perhaps if the old Clement was there, things may be different.

But things are going to change from now. I'm getting back to the start. If this means mending things up with my parents, fixing up the holes I left, or even changing my atitude and behavior.

I shall do it. I can do it. I will do it.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Of hard work with Twinkle Twinkle Eyes

Things are getting so busy in my life now. I recently joined the Under-18s side of Boronia Soccer Club with my brother. And because of the high level of fitness they demand , I've been jogging 6 laps a day across my school football field. So my daily routine is wake up go to school and meet some chicks and dudes then go home have some homework and at 5:30....I'll walk down to the school field and jog six laps around it.After that I'll walk back and watch some Simpsons.During my free times I either write some songs or surf the net. But if you notice ....most of this stressful stuff are not brought on by people or things but brought on by myself. I chose to join a soccer club which led to my everyday jogging and I love writing so I won't stop. Anyways the moral of the lesson is we make many decisions that we may think twice later about but nobody gets you through this things but God. He pulls you through them all. I now feel that things that happen....happened for a reason...If I didn't change school...I wouldn't get to play for a club near the new place I live in and wouldn't meet all this good friends...So when I think about I know that it is Jesus that makes things go round for me....:)

In my next posts, I'll take this blog to a further region by posting some stories inspired by the great Siew Lin and Mokkies...

This is my new song. Its called twinkle twinkle eyes. Hope you like it. This song is about a boys plea for his girl to stop crying. I came up with the tune a few years ago but only recently decided to finish the song. Please subscribe to my videos and enjoy. Feel free to give me any comments.

Twinkle Twinkle Eyes (My Song).
Oh baby please don't cry
Wipe the tears away from your eyes
Cause I Love only you
And forever will

Im sorry for my wandering eyes
Im sory if I failed to reply
I promise never to see her again
And forever stay the same

When you smile at me with those twinkle twinkle eyes
Theres not a tear that I despise
And now I sing this song that I dedicate to you
So you believe my love is true

Now I Say Oh Baby I Love You
And I'll Say Oh Baby I Love You

So darling darling dry your eye
Your lovers here, so no more cry
Just when things they seem to get harder
It only gets easier

When you smile at me with those twinkle twinkle eyes
I start to cry for all my lies
And now I sing this song in a gentle gentle way
So it brighten up your day

And I say Oh Baby I Love You!