Saturday, August 30, 2008

Aussie Futsal.

Alright guys now I'm gonna introduce you guys to some of my friends who play futsal here in Melbourne. We all play in the play futsal league. Here are some players with their positions and specific style of playing. This are just a few from all the good players.

He plays the role of defender in my team NSFY United. He is also the captain giving orders to all the people that are very effective. His defending is so far the best I have seen in Australia. He is very well known in our league for being smart on the futsal court and also very good in passing and an expert in tackling in futsal style. He controls the court and the way the game goes on the offending and defending side. Macca plays with using his height and strength in advantage. He uses his heading ability with much accuracy. His ideas prove to be very useful and controls his team very well.

Karma Tshering.
One of the best runners I have seen here. His very tough in the courts and even stronger when we play street soccer in school everyday. This striker is one the second place on the golden boot for most goals in the B-league with around 20 goals scored. His partnership with player Maw is the best as he uses his speed to full advantage while Maw uses his ball control which blends well. But when playing by himself, he uses his strength to push through any defenders that stand in his way. He has 100% shooting accuracy with long shots. Karma doesn't prefer using too much fancy moves but instead uses his shots and power in running.

Maw Thaw Tun
He is the player with the most goals scored on the B-league and is very likely to be the best in the whole Play Futsal League. He is a showman using his dribbling skills and sharp shooting ability. Maw maneuvers through everyone with very little difficulty. He is very strong in ball control and has very good skills. In street soccer he plays with using his skills to his advantage and many times fool everyone who tries to dispossess him. Taking him on is not easy as he has precise knowledge in the way the ball should be controlled. His shooting is very sharp and strong. His partnership with Karma makes them the best players together in the strongest team possibly in the league. They blend running with futsal skill together.

He is a fast runner keeping things slow for a while and in a blink of an eye takes the ball right up and most of the time goes through everyone who comes in his way. Very strong in ball control and has the best stamina in running. What he uses in his advantage is the way he makes sure the ball is within his control and he is able to dispossess anyone who takes him on.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I just want to dedicate this post to a friend of mine who has now gone to be with the Lord. He taught me and everyone who knew him alot in his life and left alot of memories that will never ever be forgotten. Just want to thank him for all the things he had gone through that definitely inspires us all. He left me with alot of memories. I remember serving God with him the most. We served together in VBS and those were the happiest time I remember back in Malaysia. There was one time me,Weng Kit and my brother went over to his house at night where we practiced for a VBS presentation scene with Daniel and Ju Ping as well. Those were the happiest time I have ever had.

Ju Liang thanks for everything you have taught me in life and I enjoyed hanging out with you last time when we use to jam together. You were one of the greatest person I have ever met and definitely the strongest. Guess I will have to wait till God bring us all together again one day. Knowing that your now in a world where theres no more suffering and pain makes me glad but we would always remember you. Now when I think of the old songs we use to play , I feel sad but I know there are people who are going through a harder time then I am. Thanks again for everything good friend.

We will definitely miss you.

Farewell and Goodbye Ju Liang until we meet again soon.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

my ever changing hairstyles!!

Me With Church Friends from right Ju Yuan, Teacher Derek,Brandon, Me, Joel,Clifford,Austin,Benjamin,Ju Ping and Daniel Mok. Scroll down this blog to see this in bigger size...
Me with 90s hairstyle.
Me with random morning hair.
Me with glass I won in Futsal. Runner Up Mens league
Current Look..................

Friday, August 1, 2008

Football vs Futsal vs Street Soccer

Well just to let you know, I'm having fun playing futsal here in Australia. I play in two mens leagues here. Very challenging because all grown ups versus me a small 14 year old. But sure if all my canaan friends come and play here we will dominate the game . So far I won a under 14s gold medal and a men league runners up trophy (glass).As Im speaking now I think I would need your prayer as I just injured my leg. If its not too much because just now there was a game as I slided the player he stepped on my right leg. So positive I saved a cool one on one but negative was now the inner side of my leg hurts alot. Pray that God will make sure nothing go wrongs. Thanks.

Anyways this topic Im talking about here is a battle of the difference of the three types of sports that I have played so far.Football (outdoor), Futsal(Indoor) and Street (jalan).

Football passing takes effort but in the game football passing is not as hard as street or futsal. In football you must can pass at a wide range just as long as the ball gets close enough to your partner. Its easy because the field is so large many times just by aiming at a certain place within your friends vicinity would be just fine. In this game you can choose to cross as high and as far as you want as long as it stays in. For this game passing and crossing would take strength and slight accuracy in shooting but not as important.

Futsal takes alot in passing. This is important for all players because futsal is about pint point passing. You must pass directly to your team mate. It must not be just near him it must be right at him.Crossing would take extreme accuracy as the court is so small. Passing would be harder because your opponent would be so close to you that sometimes you have to use style and skill even in passing. You must pass with special moves like using back leg passes, skill passes and all that.

Street Soccer
This is actually very easy but takes a little knowledge too. Street soccer has no outside line even in competitions which means passing would be easiest. Sometimes even when your way is blocked you may find a way to pass just by kicking to the sides if there is a wall in order to reflect to other team mates.

In football dribbling you would need nothing but stamina and ball control. The reason stamina is needed is very obvious because of the size of the field. Skill may be effective but most players in football would use speed to dash up going side by side instead of spinning with skill. Football dribbling would need your stamina when your running through the field.

Skill dribbling would be the most effective however running up is also very useful. Futsal needs skill dribbling because players are so close to each other going through them would take your skills when you spin or use whatever to your advantage. Stamina would be needed if your a team player running up and down but not as much as football. dribbling may be effective but I feel that strong passing is way better because dispossession would be lower because of pint point passing.

Street Soccer.
Since playing street soccer in my school I understand dribbling would be definitely hard but some people use the no outside rule to their advantage simply by just running on one side because there is no out they will most likely walk towards their sides and some would lean on the wall to run. This is effective to most people . Street soccer would not take as much fault as futsal and football even in competitions of street soccer pushing and sometimes shoving seems normal unless its a very hard violation which is why some strikers are strong when they dribble through pushing or ramming through their way.

In football you are given the opportunity to slide anytime you want. Sliding is permitted in football for everyone as long as no one gets hurt. Defends use this to their advantage to stop strikers simply sliding off the ball. The sweeper would most likely do the job. That is why as a defend your main goal is to regain possession or controlling the game. Defends in football have a harder job because of a wide field but their advantage is the permission to slide tackle.

Futsal defending would be the hardest because you cannot slide. The defends in my church have developed a effective way which is using their knowledge in the player like when the striker would blast or when he would try to go through. Futsal defenders must be smart in tackling and taking shots. As well as perfect passing which is most important for a defender. They must be able to know when to put their feet in to dispossess or when to jump and take a blast.

Street Soccer
Defending would be the easiest here. Just brace yourself for a shot or use your strength to counter attack or knock a striker.

I have actually tried football goalkeeping over here in Australia. It is easy when you can jump high. Trust me it is different from futsal. In football no players would walk in one on one with you. Most of the time because of the size of the field when they get close enough they will take a shot and many would not walk in close to close to the keeper. If your a futsal keeper you have a advantage because your use to taking one one one situations. But most importantly is your ability to jump high enough to save a goal or fast enough to dive.You must have a strong kick and throw.

You must be smart in taking one on one situation. It is very different from football because you have to take important one on one situations. And because the futsal court is so small counter attack is very fast. One minute you can be standing watching your team mates trying to score the other minute you would be saving shots from opponents. Which is why goals may be higher and harder to save. You have to be extremely fast for the game for shots. Accuracy in throwing and ability to take one on one and low shots are very important. The size of the goal post is extremely big for a size of the court.

Street Soccer
Street goals are most of the time very short but very wide which makes saving easy during long shots but very hard for one on one and low shots.You must be evn quicker in diving but you must be seriously crazy to dive or slide in street soccer because the floor is made from the streets which is rough and hard.