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This is what I plan to be the longest post in this blog. Possibly the longest one that I have ever attempted and hopefully for blogspot history. You see, a few weeks ago I realized that I was forgetting about my life last year. All the good memories are fading. So I hope that by using this post I can write down everything I have done in 2007-2008. Im just gonna talk about the holidays I spent in 2007 . Compared to other kids I had a better holiday cause mines was longer. Mind you, my parents went to Australia for six months, so I guess my holiday was bitter sweet. Negative side is that your leaving with your aunt far away from your parents for six months but the positive side would be having the opportunity to go to any place I want at anytime with friends and the glorious freedom and wonderful blessing God gave while my parents were away. God let me have a great time with friends, great youth camp and most importantly the golden opportunity to serve him.

Super Freedom.
I feel like talking about this one first as most of the memories comes from this one. Freedom is just so good. I start to get my freedom when my parents went to Aussie. So the only negative side was I have to take the LRT from Bukit Jalil to Masjid Jamek everyday to St Johns Institution bare in mind, can you imagine studying in a boy school, TERRIBLE. I have to walk up the hill to my school which is on Bukit Nanas. Usually it would be very sunny because I study in the afternoon section. So I would be very sweaty when I reach school. I would tell myself, God its ok that I'm all tired now because I now that one day in the future when Im in Aussie I would enjoy looking back which is what im doing now. The positive side of the freedom is me, my brother and weng kit would usually go to the city to times square and also Mid Valley during the holidays. Usually Weng Kit would go to the arcade there and sometimes my bro would join him but most of the time he is going out with his friends when his in Mid Valley and Times Square (mostly girls).I would go to MPH bookstore and buy or read a book there. Then at some point we will meet together and watch a movie. There was one time when my brother went to Mid Valley with this girl (tall, skinny, name starts with S-o-?-?-?-?). We waited in the train station for her to arrive and missed three trains. The reason I stayed and waited with him is because he knew the way and to Mid Valley by KTM and at that time I did not now how to go there. So anyways, when she arrived we got on the train and went to Tasik Selatan station KTM. As soon as we reached Mid Valley we seperated. I went to MPH while my bro and the girl went their own way. Weng Kit was not there. I bought a book and in the end we all watched a movie together. My brother bought the ticket and I saw him so I asked what he was watching and he said Balls Of Fury. So I ran and bought the ticket. As soon as I got the ticket I bought some a large cup of coke and ran in to the movies because it was starting. When I reached there I realised that the two couples were not there 10 minutes after the movie started they came in laughing and all noisy. Surprisingly they sat behind me. Another time was when my guardian angel invited to go times square. So me, weng kit and my bro all went there. When we got there I saw Joey Wong, Penny and possibly Rachel. They told me that my guardian angel sent them. They told me that they got a ticket for a movie but I decided to go to the theme park and they agreed. One of the handed me a ten dollar note and walked away( until now I didnt now what was the note for???? ang powkah??).So me, weng kit and my bro went to the theme park. We played some of the rides. Me and Weng Kit went for the exciting rides. My bro only went for the ok ones.Oh yea and we saw Yan Kuan at Times Square surprisingly I didnt recognise her. Then there was also ones myy bro went out with his that time girlfren Jiar Wen whom he met at youth camp. We went to the shopping centre together. Weng Kits mum drove us all cramped up in a car. So we decided to have a two route which means two cars went so my aunty Joanne and Michelle drove us there. Weng Kit arrived later so when we went there we went to book some tickets for movie. There was a strange mad man there. I think we watched National Treasures Two which was ok. Oh yea I had Pizza with Weng Kit when he arrived . In the end we went back by KTM. And in the Serdang Station Aunty Joanne picked us up. Ironically Jiar Wen stays on the same street as we use to. She leaves a few houses away on the same row and same street but my bro and her never meet before. That house we used to stay in 2005-2007 was our aunts so by the end of 2007 my aunt stayed there. Guess what from the day my bro found out she lived so close to my aunts he moved form my aunty mei's place to my aunty joon's with my sister. So me and my aunty Mei decided to move there as well. Later in this post I will talk about Jiar Wen and my bro so Stay Tuned. Other than those days there was also ones my bro went to times square with another girl but that was after church camp and Jiar Wen was after Youth Camp. Then there was ones my brother , me and weng kit went to Mid Valley with my bros old school friend(girl).Strangely that time he introduced us to the girl unlike other times where he never introduces us to his friends. We would usually have fun in the arcade playing Daytona, Initial D.Most of the times my bro and weng kit would play not me. Another good part of freedom is when me, weng kit and my bro would go to Carrefour where we have lunch or have dinner. We usually go and eat at the Mamak where the big pirate ship is. I would either have Nasi Lemak Ayam Goreng or Maggie Goreng tak mahu sayur. Sometimes we go to the arcade, futsal or even to buy grocery for our aunty(so grown up!!!!). There was ones we bought an original!!!!! South Park 30 episode disc which we watched at home in the condo. Truly the freedom was wonderful.

Church Friends.
Heres something about the people whom I have enjoyed the most of my times spending with through the holidays like serving God in church with them, going on YTU trips, after church lunch, jamming sessions, FUTSAL AND CENDOL. All the church members and friends who were so friendly to us last year. Sometimes I try to imagine if my bro never introduced me to his friends Daniel, Derek ,Zhi Yong , Weng Teik, Yi Bing, and all how would I have known them. True maybe during YTU I would see them but the memories would be less like the times me, my bro and weng kit go to places in Daniel's Myvi, after church lunch and all that stuff. I think the moment the ice really broke was during a dinner after church once when we went to dinner at a western food restaurant. There we all chat and joked around. Those after church lunches really left a big memory in me with the church friends. I have the chance I would name them all but for now Im just gonna talk about the ones I can laugh back just by thinking. The first would be lunch in KLFC (Kuchai Lama Food Court), then the barbeque and steam boat dinner we had I remember that night we went there. Daniel was wearing his brothers working shirt and Derek told him to change it so Daniel went back to change his shirt. Ah Mok was like ' I was just joking to him'. The dinner was great for RM 20 and we got a nice buffet of barbeque and steam boat. Then I remembered going to ECF church with Daniel, the time we did the sketch was the funnest. AH Mok, Chi Yuan, Weng Teik, Daniel and some youth members where doing a sketch and we were given the chance to help out. After a few practice sessions the sketch went well. Then theres also Friday night sleepover at church. One time after YTU Daniel,my bro and I went to Zhi Zheng's house and we had dinner. Wen Cheng and her friend was there too. We played some guessing games which literally fried our brains but the answer in the end was so easy. We played the pointing card game and in the end everyone figured out the answer except for me then we went to Wen Cheng's house where in the middle of the way there I suddenly got the answer and as soon as we reached there I figured it out!!!. There we played the james bond game, another card game and the Black Magic game. The strange thing is most of the fun happens when were driving to a place or when we go out for lunch or dinner. I remember there was once Ah Mok invited me, my bro and weng kit to go watch a movie at Submit which I forgot about (someone remind me) and also once Ah Ping , Brandon, Benjamin and Daniel invited us to go watch TMNT. Last year we truly went to alot of places since me and my bro didnt went to school on January while everyone's school started. Then once we watched Enchanted at the movies with many of the church friends. One disappointing moment is when me, my bro and weng kit followed Ah Khong, Jhow Weh and some of the chinese girls to IOI mall which was boring cos the whole time I thought we were waiting to watch a movie but in the end we went back without watching all because my bro decided to go there because there was a girl he was going after and I had to follow him or no transport back home. The funny thing was Zhi Yong warned us not to go because we were given a choice of either futsal or the mall (should have listen to the doctor) I regreted missing a futsal session for nothing. Another fun thing was jamming with Uncle Richard, Ju Liang, Joel and all the uncles who I can really relate through music. The jamming was so fun everyone was like experts watching Uncle Richard and Ju Liang play lead electric guitar both very unique with their own style. I remember the first time I went I watched them play then when they were out for a drink Uncle Richard asked with I could play so I picked up a guitar and played 'I Feel Fine' by the Beatles and Uncle Richard was surprised to see me play an oldies like that. Ju Liang and Joel were very friendly I remember jamming with them the most in VBS and the jamming sessions at Ju Liang's house.I remember the last session I jammed with them when I reached there Ju Liang played Game Day Central opening and asked if I remembered (that session was way after VBS ) I immediately picked up an acoustic guitar and played with Joel on drums. Then I saw Ju Liang play a strong guitar solo while playing a Guns and Roses song. Wow all those sessions really amaze me. Then I also remember futsal and cendol. FUTSAL is TRULY IN MY MIND ALWAYS. God really blessed me with the fun times that I had in Malaysia. Cendol is a better story to remember. I remember once when we were ordering cendol usually the experience eater will say cendol jagung (cendol with jagung) or cendol kacang which means cnedol plus kacang. But I usually ordered cendol kosong and that day I wanted to order cendol jagung and I didnt know what to say so I said CENDOL KOSONG TAMBAH JAGUNG. Everyone laughed and the indian cendol maker said Cendol Jagung Lah!!!.

Aunties,Condo, Serdang and Puncak.
Alright time to talk about the place I stayed for the six months. The place that started it all was the condo better known as Endah Ria in Sri Petaling. I consider it to be the best place for teenagers to stay in. Firstly it is close to the train station and near Carrefour and finally the good treatment by our aunts and family. So I have alot of memories there. Good food ,and all the times we shared in Condo. It was my aunty Mei's place and it was wonderful there. I remember she gave me a guitar that belonged to Teresa's dad but havent been used for some time. So I fixed and cleaned it. I think the guitar was given to stop me and my brother from arguing when we fight for the Hofma-acoustic guitar. I bought some ten dollars strings and restring the guitar and pastor Siew Teng got some new equipments for the slightly old guitar to be made newer. A description of the place would be as you enter the place there is a huge shoe rack infront. As you enter you turn left and see the kitchen. Then there would be the living room with the television and computer there. One room and a toilet with a washing machine. I really miss the place. Oh yea....did I tell you that the family use my phones Nokia GPRS system to go online to chat with my parents. So the only online system was my mobile nokia phone (canggih!!!) but very slow. Extremely slow. The apartment place around the ground floor there is a swimming area that me and my bro would go and my bro is a member of the gym. One time I decided to follow my bro to the gym and we went on the running thing. We did a few kilometres and in the end decided to go back and get our get our swim suits and go swimming. Guess what a few minutes after getting up from the pool I got a high fever. Extremely high. So I prayed and YES the fever really went a way after I slept for an hour or so. I got up and had dinner like my normal self. So i guess its the power of mixing hot (gym) and cold(swim) and thank God I pulled through. Respect to people who do gym and swim and have no problem and salute and respect for people who have to go through fever and all this sort day after day. There is also a small restaurant near the pool that we usually buy our food from. I remember me, my bro and weng kit would have dinner there and also pasar malam on Fridays. Then there is serdang the bungalow that my family stayed in. I remember I was part of building the bungalow. I remember while renovating the place me, my bro, weng kit and dad where the construction worker when we mixed the cement ourselves and did floor layering ourselves for three days. We alse pulled up the unwanted grass to do the layering. Me, weng kit and my bro fixed up all the new beds. The bungalow was great even when my parents went to Australia we still go stay there during the weekends. I had my own room with all my own stuff on my own shelves. Books, Biographies, DVD of Beatles and all my oldies collection. My own TV and guess own Astro decoder. In my house there was two one in my parents room and the other mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. My bros room is bigger than mine with a queen size bed.....!!!! He has a playstation and a TV. There is one big living room upstairs, a balcony tats really big but no one uses a store room two kitchens outside and inside and another living room downstairs. Then there was puncak. Ok for those that are not sure what it means I think im gonna explain it. See there is a housing area called Puncak Jalil near Bandar Kinrara and Bukit Jalil. Actually in between. My brother decided to move there from my aunty mei's place when he found out that Jiar Wen stays up the street. We use to stay at that house but strangely they had never met until Youth Camp. The house was gave a lot of memories to me and I can tell you that it is the perfect place to loose weight by having the perfect diet there but for me the diet wasnt much of a thrill. We had fish all the time and boiled vegetable with no soy sauce and all that just plain water boiled. Sometimes Michele or her husband Chris would buy some nice food like roast duck but other times the normal healthy food. Best way to keep fit there. My uncle was going through post leg surgery and was recovering and my grand ma was there. The usual routine would be waking up in a small room sleeping on the floor. Weng Kit would be there but Clifford wont be. He would either be jogging or he would be at Jiar Wens front gate talking to her. Then we would have breakfast, a light one then spend the day around puncak either walking to the cendol or walking back. Sometimes we walk around the huge place. At night after dinner we would be playing cards in the room or chatting. Weng Kit and my bro would be playing sms with their partners. Sometimes I also play with my mei lan. Until now I can still remember the annoying ring tones. They always wait until 12.00am to call their partners because its cheap during that time.

Mei Lan.
Heres something cool from my blog. Normal blogs wont do this. Most bloggers wont talk about their love-life but my blog answers the questions of all the people. You ask me who's Mei Lan. Well I think its time for me to tell my story with Mei Lan. Those people who refuse to finish to read this post will definitely regret. So I guess your wondering is there a girl really named Mei Lan. No her name is not Mei Lan. Her chinese name is not even close. I gave her the name as a nickname or secret code when talking to my friends Jason and Jeffrey. Then one day Weng Teik and I came out with the name You Know Who. I think the first time I seen her was when we were still young. I still have this picture of a children camp last time in 2003 called SPY CAMP. She was in the picture and so was I. The first time I really 'seen' her was years later when I first enter Intermediate. But bare in mind , in Inter I am who I am that means I dont focus on her and if you are my friend then you would know that at church I focus on God and behave like I normally and happily do. So I remember the first lesson after class I went downstairs with Zheng Ziang I think and he told me to look at the girl in red so BOOM!! there she was that was when I really saw her. Basicallymy whole 2007 year with her was normal in class maybe just a few glances........a few......glances. But after class was different. Because we were free so with my buddies I would go downstairs and sometimes we would chat when her friends are not around or just share more normal glances. Sometimes during lunch with church friends she would be around. They used to say last time that she was with someone but now when I ask her she would say last time she was with no one at all (so my word of advice ....dont listen to unreliable sources...follow advice of teachers,some buddies, most importantly pastors and people u trust like family). Most of the time I wont chat with her. Oh yea until the first time I sms her which was around January 2008 we had never really chat before but I was somehow assured by the glances. The most important day would be I think during the December Christmas Church event when I served. I notice she was there and smiled and waved.I remember my friends were around but maybe they didnt notice. So Penny walked over and said 'I know your secrets' and she asked if I wanted to ask her anything and so I said 'Whens her Birthday'. Then we went down and served the food to kids. I guess during that time we chatted and served the food and laughed because I was having a hard time serving the kids obviously. I think the time things really became easy for me with her was when YTU organised a trip to Sunway Lagoon. Until now I still smile whenever Sunway Lagoon is mentioned, showed on TV or even when I come close to a swimming pool or theme park. I remember there we really really chatted. It was great. First we went to the big big .........pool or artificial beach to swim and chat just me her and her freinds and Jason and Karlson. The great part was like they were asking questions and you know just awesome but the part that was not so fun was them asking what I was gonna do in the future after going to Australia and Jason kept shoving me towards her.But overall it was awesome. We use to sms alot and I remember one time she told me that Sunway Lagoon gave her great memories and she too had enjoyed herself like I did. So anyone knows who is Mei Lan now. Sad thing was Time was not on our side. I came to Australia and until now in my phone Im still keeping the last few sms she sent to me ;)

Hello Goodbye.

I remember during the last few days I was in Malaysia. The Youth Leaders and all my church friends had a farewell party at Timothy's house. We had pizza and chatted. In the end there I told everyone about You Know Who. Me and my bro sat on the chair and they asked funny questions and in the end all gave advice and goodbyes. I remember that day I gave
daniel a bag with some bowling balls in it that we cannot bring to Australia. Daniel gave me and my bro each a gift. He gave me a Beatles book really thick and it was also the book I dreamed of buying from MPH and also a Wrestlemania Collection VCD to my brother. Thanks man. I remember on the final last day me, my bro, weng kit ,Ju Ping, Brandon, Benjamin, and later joined by Joel went to the mamak . We ate and then went to the cyber cafe next door to play Counter Strike. It was one of the funnest moment I had. What a memorable last day to play computer games with your friends. After that they went home and my parents came to fetch us. I remember I spent my last Malaysian money by buying a special burger from a nearby stall. Thanks to all the guys for that wonderful memory.