Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year !! 2009!!

The New Year just feels good doesn't it. But every time we celebrate new years we know we grow older and some of us might hope that the new year would be a good one for them.I hope 2009 would be a very fruitful year for me. Just like 2008 I expect new challenges in life and new blessings from God too.But this year I will respond to all these challenges and blessings with open arms.I promise to go through them with joy and trust in Jesus. If you were to ask me something I would like this year. Well I would definitely hope for a boost in my musical life. I hope to write more songs and since I'm in Year 9 (form three) in Australia. This year there will be not much test and less homework. So I could focus on my musical career and life and hope that this year would be a great one for it. Other than that I don't hope for more. Maybe a good sporting life too. May 2009 be a year for all your dreams come true and may God be upon us all.2009 would be a year of hope for me.

I'm turning 15 now. It seems like yesterday I was 4 years old in my parents arm while celebrating New Years and now I'm a teenager in Australia. The year passes so quickly. Hope 2009 would be very long and maybe achievements could be made.

Lastly I hope that in 2009 we will all have good lives. Prosperity and all that stuf isn't important. The important thing is we spend the year meaningfully. Spend the year for God.

Have a Happy New Year

Peace and Love

Cleemnt Choo Kok MIn

Farewell 2008!! 31st December 2008

Well I guess this is the end of 2008. I must say that this year was a year of great changes and even greater challenges. I got through some moments which would change my life and for the lives of many other people too. This year started with great blessings and I know that it will end with even more blessings. There were ups and downs. Things created and things taken. 2008 was actually a very meaningful year to me. Hey guess wat since Australia's time is three hours faster than Malaysia. I will celebrate new years earlier than most of you:). But surely there will be a positive and negative side of celebrating new years in Aussie land. The good thing is I can enjoy the cool fireworks in Sydney Harbour. The bad thing is X'mas and New Years is best celebrated with every family member and church friends which I consider family to me too. I wish all of my family,friends,and my family in Canaan a very Happy New Year. Right now I'm kissing 2008 goodbye. God gave me many blessings this year and he has been great to me just as he has always been. He gave me trials. He gave me gifts. Most importantly out of all of those things he has blessed me with he has shaped me. He has made a difference in me this year. God guided from the start of the year when I came to Australia. He helped me blend in with my new friends. Helped me join a futsa team and played some great matches. He answered my prayers.Recently he even helped me write some songs which I had planned ot do for so long. He told me that as a person we live for him and whatever he decides for us is surely the best for us. I really thank God for 2008. May 2009 be a f\great year too. Remember God never make mistakes. God is good.

Well theres nothing much to say but to say Happy New Year. Welcome 2009. Bye Bye and farewell 2008 you have been an amazing year.

With Peace and Love,

Clement Choo Kok Min

Friday, December 19, 2008

Tagged By Siew Lin

1. Do you think you're hot?
Nope.....I'm warm.

2. Upload a favourite picture of yourself.

3. Why do you like the picture?
Cos its my most recent one....

4. When was the last time you ate pizza?
A few weeks ago

5. What was the last song you listened to?
We Can Work It Out by The Beatles (best band ever)

6. What are you doing right now besides this?
Nothing to do just starting a new song..

7. What name do you prefer besides your name?
Erm...Clement cos my real name is Choo Kok Min...

8. 5 people to tag
-Yee San
9. Who is number 1?

10. Who is number 3 having a relationship with?
Heard he is in a relationship with someone

11. Say something about number 5?
Best drummer ever, basketball and futsal player. All rounder in futsal.

12. How about number 4?
Very Good Friend, Great Song Leader (very fun when he is song leading),very cheerful.

13. Who is buddy number 2?
She is melissa (hope I spelled her name correctly)

*14. Are you thinking of anyone now?
No one....but Mcdonalds! though I just had it yesterday

*15. If you were a dog, you will...
Try dog food cos now I have an excuse to eat it :)

Anyways once again Merry Christmas !!!! Peace and Love !! Bye Bye

Friday, December 12, 2008

Not much to do since holidays just started. Christmas is coming soon. The christmas mood here is very very strong. Everyone celebrates. But no matter how big christmas is it is important to know the true meaning christmas is celebrating the birth of Jesus.Some of my friends think that Christmas is all about Santa, trees and presents....So celebrate Christmas with your family,friends and lovers but remember the true reason you celebrate it...Here a song called Girl.

This is the first song I wrote. Hope you enjoy it please comment and give me your opinion. I came up with the melody and tune of the song last year around November 2007 and yesterday wrote the lyrics of the song. And it is definitely based on a real girl I know...

Girl You Know That I Love You
Its save for me to say now
I Love You

Girl You Know I always will stay true
My love for you is ever more
and I love you

Maybe I will never be a man
Maybe I will never understand
But I know that I love you

Maybe you will never ever see
Maybe our love was never meant to be
But I Still Love You

Girl its really hard for me to
Tell you that your hair looks
Wonderful and so are you

And I could never find a way to
Tell you that your beautiful
And I Love You

Maybe its just so hard for you
To say that you love me too
But I still know that you do

Open your eyes and start to see
That when your with you'll be happy
And I shall hold you closely with me

Merry Christmas and lets get ready for 2009!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Sunburn!! Homeless World Cup

I'll Be Just Ok
This is a new song. I wrote this song and it's definitely about love and how hard it is for teenagers to forget about a crush they have. Hope you like it and please give me your opinion on the song....

It was a warm summers day
Full of love in everyway
When our eyes first truly met
Brown and blue together
And I loved her when she looked into my eyes

She was a young girl living
A life full of meaning
With a face that catches the eye
And I tried so hard
As I thought that I seem just like her guy

And I remember
Closing my eyes , pushing things aside everything just fine
Its then I realize that in my life
She would never be by my side

And now I dream that she closer to me
And I'll Be Ok
I'll Be Just Ok

Then she turned into that girl
The very special girl
As I fell too deep love
I was blinded by her charms
and I thought that she was sen't from up above

And I prayed so hard
From the bottom of my heart
She'll soon be close to me
But as day past by
I realize that our love was never meant to be

Now and then I close my eyes, push the pain aside
Everything's just fine
Theres no reason to cry
And for this guy
Another girl will come my way

Today was a very tiring day. Yesterday and today I attended the Homeless World Cup. Tomorrow I'll be going as well. If you look at the video you will see that on my arm is red at the lower side and white in the upper. Well this is all thanks to the sunburn I got from watching the game. This is serious as I might get skin cancer which is easy to get in Australia's hot sun. Today it was 33 degree Celsius which is very very hot. Now I got sunburn. Pray that my sunburn will not get bad. I kinda asked for it because I insisted on sitting under the sun near the court where the players are.

Oh yea the Homeless Street Soccer World Cup is awesome. The players are great and last year 77% of the participants had their lives changed through this program.Some got home to stay in while some quit drugs ,smoking and alcohol. This is very good for our society and it really helps this people who do not have life as good as we do. We should all be thankful :)

Anyways if your feeling tired of seeing my face when I sing, feel free to go to where you can listen but no need to see. Merry Christmas to you all, holiday is starting for me while some of you are planning to go back to school!! :p Until next time Bye Bye!